• First SMS Text Message

    First SMS Text Message
    Connecting us through a series of bubbles keeps communities tied and allows for communication to flow for purposes such as employment, education, and keep ties close.
  • Amazon Founded

    Amazon Founded
    Online shopping has developed tremendously ever since the creation of Amazon. Cyber Monday alongside Prime Day has set several standards for other online shopping sites.
  • Pilot Handheld (First Palm Handheld)

    Pilot Handheld (First Palm Handheld)
    Ushered in the smartphone era. Handheld computer that formulated lists and organized personal data.
  • Google Founded

    Google Founded
    Led to websites connecting with each other and organized an algorithm for site's popularity.
  • RIM releases BlackBerry & BlackBerry OS

    RIM releases BlackBerry & BlackBerry OS
    First device/pager capable of receiving and sending email. Prioritizing security, web browsing, and text messaging.