1990's tech

By G3200
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    In a physics lab in Switzerland, Tim Berners-Lee creates the framework of the World Wide Web, which made the internet easier to access and surf than it ever had been, and has formed the framework of the modern Internet, changing the landscape of the Information Age forever.
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    1990's tech

  • 64-bit Microprocessors

    64-bit Microprocessors
    This was around the time the first 64-bit Microprocessors hit the civilian market. Some had existed before then, but weren't largely available.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    Windows 1995 was one of the most anticipated pieces of software in history, I don't think many would argue that it was the most anticipated Operating System of all time. It introduced several new revolutionary evolutions - the ability to name files with more than 8 characters, easy access to the world wide web, and one of the first operating systems not to use DOS (Good times).
  • Digital Video Disk

    Digital Video Disk
    The DVD was a joint creation by mostly Japanese companies - in an effort to avoid a repeat the VHS vs. Betamax wars. The DVD was a massive upgrade in space and portability from traditional VHS tapes and previous compact disks.
  • USB Flash Drive

    USB Flash Drive
    Before the USB, data was stored on either CDs that could store 200 MB of data max but weren't widely available on personal computers, or floppy disks which could store 2.8 MB. Both of these had reached their physical capacity, but early flash drives could store up to 8 MB, and have since scaled more than 20 years later to store up to 2 TB.