By JPRyan
  • Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop
    Created in 1988, adobe Photoshop has now taken over for all photo editing software, and is the number one best selling photo editing system of all time. It was created by Thomas and Jon Knoll, who would eventually go on and sell it to Adobe Systems, where they finally released it in 1990. It change the world because it allowed users to. It change the world and the industry because it allowed the photographers to adjust their photos by click of a button, rather than using expensive machinery.
  • Amazon

    Amazon was easily one of the top 10 computer history inventions, I feel in the past 100 years. It was invented by Jeff Bezos and originally started as a small online bookstore in the 1990s, however, it has grown to be a powerhouse worldwide distributor of almost any item a person can think of. Amazon is the leader of online retailing surpassing Walmart by almost triple the amount of revenue.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    The Nintendo 64 was invented by Nintendo and Silicon Graphics Inc in the 90’s, which proved to be a groundbreaking system for the company. Even though it wasn’t Nintendo’s best selling console, I feel it has aged the best due to the fact that this system had high quality visuals, loading times, and many other aspects. The Nintendo 64 is still sold on Amazon and eBay and other marketplace is to this day retailing for similar prices like it was back in 96’.
  • DVD

    The DVD was invented by two major groups that dominated the entertainment industry at that time, they were Sony and Phillips, and Toshiba and Panosonic, and was originally released in Japan. When it was originally released, it was called a digital video disc, however, the name was changed to digital versatile desk because they realized that this compact CD could do a lot more than just hold the video. DVDs completely change the world of entertainment, by making VHS tapes obsolete
  • Google

    Google was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, which has now become the biggest search engine, the Internet has ever seen. Gmail which is Google’s email server has become the top email provider in the world also. The things Google has done over the past 20 years is remarkable, they have cemented their place in internet history, by giving us real time information, and access to history from centuries ago.