1990-1996 stock market trends

  • Period: to


  • recession

    Still in a recesion from the end of the 80's
    GDP growth was only about 1.86%
    only 311 000 jobs created
  • Recession

    The Low piont in the recession
    GDP decreased by .26%
    858 000 jobs were lost
  • recovery

    GDP increase of 3.4%
    1.154 million jobs created
    economy is starting to recover from the depression
  • recovery

    GDP growth of 2.87%
    2.788 million jobs created
  • escape velocity

    escape the reccession and GDP increse soars
    GDP increase 4.11%
    3.851 million jobs created
  • Pause in growth

    economy experienced a slight pause in growth primarily because the federal reserve raised interest rates from 3% to 6%
    GDP increase 2.55%
    2.153 million jobs created
  • return to stong economy

    GDP increase of 3.79%
    2.794 million jobs created