Timeline created by mcgowajm
  • First Job - Buffalo News

    It was my brother's route - but I had to help everyday...
  • 2nd Paper Route - Metro Community News

  • Another First - Jubilee Foods

    Worked as a cashier... learned the meaning of Gold Tie Service...
  • The Saratoga Restaruant - Valet

  • Erie County Parks and Recreation - Ellicot Creek

  • Erie County Parks - Isle View Park

  • Erie County Parks - Santas Village

  • Tops Warehouse - Parts Supply Clerk

  • Erie County Parks - Grover Cleveland Golf Course

  • Loughrans Restaurant

  • The Dolphin Den - Cook

    This one went on for a while with other jobs...
  • Convienient Food Mart 1 DAY!

  • The Dewitshire Tavern - Cook/Bartender

    This job continued along with others for a couple years...
  • Delphi Thermal Systems - Inventory Control

  • ACE - Group Home working with the developmentally disabled...

  • Another summer of Delphi Thermal Systems

  • Empire Brewing - Chef/Bartender/Barback

  • Middle Ages Brewing - Brewer

  • Univera Healthcare - Customer Service Rep

  • Junior Acheivement - Site Manager

    Part time - working a couple jobs at a time...
  • The Sutherland Group - Qwest Communications

    Biz-Biz Telesales - DSL Service...
  • Syracuse Mayoral Campaign - Work

  • Park Country Club - Waiter

    This one went for a while with some other jobs...
  • Amherst Central Schools - Substitute Teacher

  • Brinks Home Security

    This job last for only one week - and within another month the business had been shut down by the state... (I had a premonition something wasn't right...)
  • M&T Mortgage - Processor

  • M&T Mortgage - Originator

    Boot camp for mortgage... this was hell...
  • M&T Bank - Training Specialist

  • M&T Bank - Retail Incentive Coordinator