1980s Social

By asteb27
  • Pryor Burned

    Comedian Richard Pyror gets burned after pouring alcohol over himself and lighting it on fire. He was under the influence of cocaine at the time
  • John Lenon Assassinated

    John Lenon assassinated by Mark David Chapman. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead on arrival
  • AIDS reported by CDC

    The first AIDS report by the center of disease control is reported. By the end of the year, AIDS had claimed the lives of 121 people
  • Thriller Released

    Micheal Jackson releases Thriller, which becomes the best selling album of all time
  • Final Episode of M*A*S*H Airs

    the final episode of M*A*S*H airs, bringering in 115 million viewers. The ad spots cost more for the finale than for the superbowl that year.
  • Macintosh Inroduced

    Steve Jobs introduces the first Macintosh
  • Cosby Show Premieres

    The Cosby show premieres. It would go on to be one of the most popular shows of the 80s
  • Martin Luther King Day

    First observation of Martin Luther King day as a ferderal holiday
  • Challanger Explodes

    Space Shuttle Challanger exploded over the Atlantic Ocean, 73 seconds into the flight. All seven crew members died.
  • CDs outsell Vinyl

    For the first time in history, CDS outsell Vinyl
  • Lucille Ball dies

    Lucille Ball dies, age 77.
  • Pete Rose Banned

    Pete Rose is banned from baseball, after being caught betting on games
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall falls, marking the fall of communism