• IBM PC Model 5150

    IBM PC Model 5150
    This was the first personal computer released by IBM. At this point IBM made huge computers for colleges and major corporations. With the release of their PC it gave real credibility to it and began to increase popularity and growth in the PC world.
  • CD

    Before this time the major ways that people were able to listen to music was through vinyls and cassette tapes. Then CD's were released and it changed everything. They were compact and were crystal clear. They also did not go through as much wear and tear. It was invented by James Russell.
  • Camcorder

    They camcorder was invented. They took the technology of the VCR and put a camera and battery to it. Where before video taping was hard and grainy now it as relatively cheap and you could record close to two hours with better quality. Invented by Jerome Lemelson.
  • DynaTAC 8000x

    DynaTAC 8000x
    Motorola released the DynaTAC as the first completely handheld, battery operated, It was very expensive and you usually had to pay more than a dollar a minute. But i changed the track of cellphones and now they are all we see.
  • Intel 486

    Intel 486
    Intel released a chip that had 1.2 million transistors on it and could handle 15 million instructions per second. Even though it was very expensive it helped advance the personal computer by allowing it work harder and faster. When they first were released they were very costly at $950.