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  • Kent State Massacre

    Kent State Massacre
    A protest was organized to protest the American Invasion of Cambodia. On the 4th, flyers were passed by the university stating that the event was canceled. But about 2000 people showed up anyway. The Ohio National Guard attempted to disperse the student and stop the rally. 67 shots were fired after the students attempted to rid the campus of the guardsmen. 4 people were killed and nine people were injured.
  • Jimi Hendrix Dies

    Jimi Hendrix Dies
    The common theory is that he committed suicide. He was picked up by his girlfriend from a party. She took him home and then he took 9 very strong sleeping pills. It is said that he died from the overdose and that he was asphyxiated by his own vomit, which contained a lot of red wine. Eventually, theories began to arise that it was murder. Monika, his girlfriend, had several different versions of the story and some of the times didn’t match up. In May 2009, Hendrix’s manager claimed to have had h
  • The Exorcist

    The Exorcist
    In 1971, the Exorcist was published. Written by William Peter Blatty, it was based on true events about a demonic possesion of a young girl. It follows the lives of two men, one a Jesuit priest, and how they “exorcise the demons" and get rid of the spirit that is haunting this girl.
  • Bomb Explodes in Capitol

    Bomb Explodes in Capitol
    A bomb exploded in the Capitol Building causing $300,000 worth of damage. The bomb was planted by a group of psycho lefties called Weather Underground. The bomb was used to show that they weren’t happy about the Laos Invasion and how the US supported it. They didn’t aim to kill, only strike fear. Mission unsuccessful. This was not the only attempt by the Marxist group. They also hit the Long Island Court House, the headquarters of the New York Police Department, the Pentagon, and the State Depar
  • CA Supreme Court Decision

    CA Supreme Court Decision
    The California finds that the death penalty is against the state’s constitution. It prevents cruel and unusual punishment and they found that killing someone was just that. So 107 inmates were taken off of Death Row and they were sentenced again. One of them was Charles Manson, and he was given a life sentence.
  • Ban on Biological Warfare

    Ban on Biological Warfare
    The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention prohibited the use of and storage of biological weapons. In WWI, mustard gas was used heavily in the trenches on the battlefield. This led to the first international treaty against the use of gas. As of 2005, Israel had not joined, probably because they hate the Palestinians. Regardless of this treaty, many countries have still stockpiled these weapons out of fear and a lack of trust.
  • Watergate Break-In

    Watergate Break-In
    Everyone knows about the Watergate Scandal that involved President Richard Nixon. Nixon had five men break into the Watergate Hotel, which was serving as the Democratic Headquarters. They had planned to install listening devices and microphones so they could learn what they were planning. They were arrested and then all heck broke loose. There was a recording device on the phone in Nixon’s office. It held conversations that led people to believe that he was involved. He refused to give up the t
  • Soldiers Removed from Vietnam

    Soldiers Removed from Vietnam
    This was a huge step in the War in Vietnam, obviously. Countless American citizens were opposed to this war from the start and this was a huge turning point. There was still Americans in Vietnam, but the fact that the combat units were removed really gave people, even the soldiers, hope that this would all be over soon.
  • Terrorist Attack at Olympics

    Terrorist Attack at Olympics
    As we all know, the Israelis and the Palestinians do not really get along with each other. During the 1972 Olympics in Munich, 11 Israeli athletes were taken from their rooms in the Olympic Village and murdered by eight Palestinians. It occurred during the night and the rest of the athletes were evacuated while the standoff took place. The terrorists demanded a helicopter to take them away and no police interference. Eventually, they were cornered and killed by police.
  • Bill Stewart Shot

    Bill Stewart Shot
    Bill Stewart was a correspondent for ABC News who was reporting on the struggle in Nicaragua. It is said that there was a group of the Nicaragua National Guard that was just hanging out and described as looking non-threatening. Stewart went to talk to them and they reacted rashly. They forced him to the ground and then shot him for no reason. It was caught on video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwhCXqe6Vm0