• The Beatles Break Up

  • Kent State Shootings

    The National Guard opened fire on protestors, killing four and injuring others.
  • Grand Opening of Disney World

  • Watergate

  • Olympic Terrorism

    Eight Palestianian terrorists held olympians hostage.
  • Apollo Lands on Moon (final landing)

  • Abortion Legalized in US

  • USA Pulls Out of Vietnam

    Cease-fired was agreed upon.
  • Hank Aaron Breaks Home Run Record

  • Microsoft Founded

    Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
  • Tangshan Earthquake

    This earthquake killed over 240,000 people in China.
  • Two 747's Collide

    In the Canary Islands, two planes collided at an airport, killing 600 people.
  • First Star Wars Film Released

  • Jonestown Massacre

  • Soviets Invade Afghanistan