Queer U of T: An annotated history

By lgbtout
  • Queer Cannes film shot at U of T

    Queer Cannes film shot at U of T<br>
    David Secter's student film, "Winter Kept Us Warm", shot at the University of Toronto, becomes the first English-language Canadian film invited to the Cannes festival. Its homosexual subtext allegedly escaped the notice of most of the actors involved.
  • U of T Homophile Association (UTHA) established

    The University of Toronto Homophile Association (UTHA) holds its first meeting.
  • Community Homophile Association (CHAT) established Community Homophile Association (CHAT) spins off from UTHA.
  • First Gay Day Picnic

    UTHA, CHAT and Toronto Gay Action (TGA) organize Toronto's first Gay Day Picnic--a progenitor of Pride celebrations to come.

    PROTEST! president Charlie Hill, speaking as a representative of TGA, reads a series of 10 demands for queer liberation and equality under the law at a rally on the steps of Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
  • GATE established at U of T GSU

    Gay Alliance Towards Equality (GATE) begins holding regular meetings at the U of T Graduate Students' Union.
  • Toronto prohibits gay discrimination in hiring

    Toronto prohibits gay discrimination in hiring
    GATE is a prime mover behind Toronto City Council vote to prohibit discrimination against gay people in hiring.
  • Challenge to U of T's new discipline code

    GATE challenges U of T's new discipline code, calling it "a mechanism of selective suppression of people and ideas . . . unpopular with the university administration".

    GATE pickets the Ontario Human Rights Commission, urging it to respond to calls for amendment of the Human Rights Code to include sexual orientation.
  • Toronto Star snubs U of T

    The Toronto Star refuses to print a feature article describing a new U of T School of Continuing Education course in gay studies.
  • Gay Academic Union (GAU) founded

    Founding of the U of T Gay Academic Union (GAU), a group focused primarily on faculty and graduate students.
  • SEC snubs newly-created GAUT

    UTHA reborn as Gays at U of T (GAUT). Undergraduates wanted autonomy from the faculty-identified GAU, and further impetus came when the campus Sexual Education Centre (SEC) refused to use gay counsellors.
  • GAUT Awareness Campaign

    GAUT stages awareness campaign in Sid Smith Lobby.
  • GAUT challenges The Varsity

    GAUT challenges gay stereotypes in Varsity headlines.
  • GAUT request more SAC money

    GAUT requests increase in SAC project aid funding (to $150). GAUT chair Dan Healey writes: "I found it a humiliating experience to have to go before the Board to plead for more funds, so that our grant would at least match those of the other campus groups which found themselves on SAC's bottom rung".
  • 1st Gay Awareness Week

    First U of T Gay Awareness Week is presented by GAUT.
  • St Mike's snubs Gay and Lesbian Awareness Week of Gay and Lesbian Awareness Week are refused permission to screen the film "Michael, a gay son" at St Michael's College.
  • St Mike's pretends Harvey Milk never existed! and Lesbians at the University of Toronto (GLAUT) is refused permission to show the film The Life and Times of Harvey Milk at St Michael's College.
  • Homohop vs "The Mike"

    GLAUT launches an Ontario Human Rights complaint against St Michael's College newspaper "the Mike" after The Mike refuses, on two separate occasions, to publish advertising for the Homohop.

    Progressive organizations including LGB-OUT protest U of T's decision to offer an honorary degree to George HW Bush.
  • LGBTQ Resource Directory produced

    LGBTQ Resource Directory produced in partnership with Student Services.
  • Reform Health Services?

    Student drive to reform Health Services launched by LGB-OUT and SEC

    Supporters rally with LGBTOUT against campus homophobia.
  • GC reform?

    GSU, ASSU, Women's Centre and LGBTOUT call for Governing Council reform over perceived conflicts of interest by corporate board members.
  • Gay Pride Week!

    LGBTOUT, SEC, Women's Centre and SAC organize second annual U of T Gay Pride Week.
  • Positive Space relaunched

    Positive Space relaunched
    Positive Space campaign relaunched.
  • Close washrooms?

    LGBTOUT, SEC and Women's Centre explore options to washroom closures.
  • GC to endorse more LGBTQ curriculua?

    Governing Council is urged to endorse a more LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum
  • SAC 75c levy defeated by 40 VOTES

    LGBTOUT seeks a 75 cent SAC levy but it is defeated by 40 votes.
  • LGBTOUT leads Toronto Pride March 1999

    LGBTOUT leads the Toronto Pride March as honoured group.

    We join protesters in Ottawa to challenge (no-show) hate-monger Fred Phelps.
  • Queer community officially recognized by U of T of T officially opens the Office of LGBTQ Resources and Programs.
  • LGBTOUT stages same-sex wedding at U of T

    LGBTOUT stages same-sex wedding at U of T.
  • Bisexuality Awareness Week

    LGBTOUT presents Bisexuality Awareness Week at U of T.
  • Queerness brought to Northern ON

    The Priscilla Queen of the North tour is launched to promote queer visibility in Northern Ontario.
  • Kiss-in!

    We stage a kiss-in for queer visibility.

    LGBTOUT participates in the Out Students Amassing Power demonstration against homophobic violence.
  • You Are Not Alone tour

    We participate in the You Are Not Aloneï tour with the LGB Youth Line in southwestern Ontario.
  • Mutiny at the Hangar!

    U of T administration shuts down the Hangar, shutting out the Homohop.
  • Vic snubs the Homohop


    LGBTOUT protests anti-gay speaker Peter Kreeft at St Michael's College.

    We mobilize with other community queers as part of a peace rally at Nathan Phillips Square.

  • 69c levy DEFEATED!

    LGBTOUT seeks financial support in the form of a 69 cent student levy but it is defeated.
  • LGBTOUT fundraises

    LGBTOUT launches an ambitious fundraising campaign to endow student awards recognizing queer student volunteerism and leadership.
  • Queer History at Robarts Library

    Queer History at Robarts Library
    LGBTOUT and Sexual Diversity Studies collaborate to produce "U of T Queer History" display at Robarts Library.
  • 70c levy DEFEATED!

    LGBTOUT once again seeks financial support in the form of a 70 cent student levy in SAC by-elections, but it is defeated.
  • PROTEST! honour of Transgender Day of Remembrance, LGBTOUT leads a rally at Queen's Park in front of the Legislative buildings asking the Ontario government to reinstate OHIP funding for sexual reassignment surgeries.
  • Classy celebration at the ROM for LGBTOUT's 35th birthday celebrates 35 years of queer activism at U of T with a gala party.
  • LGBTOUT renamed to LGBTOUT (clever, eh?)

    LGBTOUT renamed to LGBTOUT (clever, eh?)
    LGBTOUT officially changes its name to Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transpeople of the University of Toronto.
  • LGBTOUT Sudent Awards

    The inaugural LGBTOUT Student Awards, recognizing outstanding volunteer contributions to equity and anti-oppression, are awarded at a gala fundraiser.
  • Homohop returns

    Homohop returns
    A newly-rebranded Homohop returns at The Barn nightclub with Mmes Take Me Spears and Kandi Gee presiding over the night's festivities.