1968 Democrafic Convention

  • Antiwar activists plan

    Many young peace activists met at Lake Villa, Illinois on March 23 to plan a protest on the convention in Chicago.
  • Johnson's Decision

    President Johnson announced he would not seek reelection.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Dies

    On April 4, 1968, beloved civil rights leader MLK Jr. Was assassinated and roits broke out throughout the entire country.
  • Humphrey joins the race

    Hubert Humphrey Officially entered the nomination on April 27
  • Robert Kennedy Dies

    Presidential Candidiate Robert Kennedy was shot in the haed on June 5, 1968 after winning the California primary.
  • McGovern Runs

    McGovern officially announces his candidacy on August 10, 1968 even though he knows that Humphrey has many more supporters. He did not really want to enter the race, but because of the death of Robert kennedy he decided to enter.
  • Antiwar leaders set up

    Antiwar leaders had tried to get permits from the city to sleep in Linkin Park and to demonstrate outside of the convention site.
  • Period: to

    1968 Democratic convention

  • Day of Police Roit

    At approximately 3:30 pm, a young boy lowered the American flag at a legal rally taking place at Grant Park. The demonstration was made up of 10,000 protesters. The police broke through the crowd and began beating the boy, while the crowd pelted the police with food, rocks, and chunks of concrete.