1960s timeline

  • SNCC Formation

    SNCC Formation
    A group was formed to help the civil rights movement. The group was made up of students and fought to achieve civil rights without violence.
  • First Flinstones

    First Flinstones
    A cartoon about cavemen with modern themes that was for the whole family.
  • First TV Debate

    First TV Debate
    The first televised debate was between Nixon and Kennedy. Although most radio listeners thought Nixon won most TV viewers disagreed because despite his good points Nixon looked terrible during the debate and Kennedy looked great.
  • JFK Election

    JFK Election
    JFK narrow defeat rep. former vice president Richard Nixon. This makes him the youngest president in United states history.
  • Russia Sends a man to space

    Russia Sends a man to space
    Russia sends the first man to space Yuri Gagarin and he safely made it back. He became to first mand to orbit the earth and Soviet legend.
  • Summer of Love

    Summer of Love
    A large population of hippies in San Fran that have a great time in the summer. They used drugs and spread hippies ways in a neighborhood of San Francisco.
  • Berlin Wall Contruction.

    Berlin Wall Contruction.
    To prevent people from leaving the communist East Berlin for the free west Berlin the Soviet Union surrounded it with a wall. The was was on their own soil so they had the right to put it up separating the west from the east. The US airdropped supplies to the west Berlin residence because of the wall.
  • Rodger Maris

    Rodger Maris
    Breaks Babe's record with 61 home runs in a single season. It took Maris four more games to hit 61 than Babe and was one of the greatest personal Yankee seasons of all time.
  • SDS Releases Its Port Huron Statement

    SDS Releases Its Port Huron Statement
    The Port Huron Statement was a broad critique of the political and social system of the United States. The statement took issue with the American government's handling of the Cold War, and in domestic matters, it criticized racial discrimination, economic inequality, big businesses, trade unions, and political parties.
  • Marylin Monroe Dies

    Marylin Monroe Dies
    She dies of a drug overdose in her home after a drug overdose. SHe was the most popular actress at the time and one of the most popular of all time.
  • James Meredith at Ole Miss

    James Meredith at Ole Miss
    First African American to register at a racially segregated college. This was thanks to Brown Vs. the board of ed and a step forward in higher education.
  • Cuban Missile crisis

    Cuban Missile crisis
    After the bay of pig invasion, the Soviet Union gave Cuban short, long, and medium-range missiles that were in the range of many US citizens. TO resolve this Kennedy met with the Soviet leader and agreed if they got rid of there we would get rid of ours in Turkey.
  • Dr. No, The First James Bond

    Dr. No, The First James Bond
    The first movie in the long line of James bond movies. Bond must defeat Dr. No and save the space program.
  • I have a Dream Speech

    I have a Dream Speech
    In front of the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King gives his most famous speech about racial discrimination. It is one of the most famous speeches ever and is an important part of the civil right movement.
  • John F. Kennedy Assassination

    John F. Kennedy Assassination
    While campaigning in Dallas president Kennedy was was shoot three time while riding with the top down in the presidential convertible. He did not survive and vice president Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office.
  • The Beatles arrive

    The Beatles arrive
    The most popular band in the world arrive in the united states. They moved here to make music and were the most popular music act at the time appearing on the Ed Sullivan show.
  • Beatles on Ed Sullivan

    Beatles on Ed Sullivan
    The Beatles appeared on the most popular show in America and performed live. The performance was seen by more than 70 million people.
  • New York's Worlds Fair

    New York's Worlds Fair
    The world fair was held in new you to show new technologies and a look into the future. There were 80 nations present and over 100 pavilions.
  • Johnson Beats Goldwater

    Johnson Beats Goldwater
    President Lyndon B. Johnson defeated Goldwater after being president for two years. He won by a landslide in the electoral college and in the popular vote.
  • Malcom X Assassinations

    Malcom X Assassinations
    After his trip to the mecca and finding a new way to fight for civil reform Malcon X was shot and killed. He was one of the biggest civil rights leaders despite his controversial ways.
  • Watts Riots

    Watts Riots
    Took place around LA in Watts and other neighborhoods nearby over race relations and civil rights. It started with a drunken drive being pulled over and beaten and escalated to full-scale riots.
  • Star Trek

    Star Trek
    The space series Star Trek was released in 1966. It follows Captain Pike and his ship through space and their adventures.
  • First Super bowl

    First Super bowl
    One of the most important events in American history this game was the first championship between the NFL and the AFL. It was in LA and was between the PAcker who won and the Cheifs.
  • Muhammad Ali refuses service.

    Muhammad Ali refuses service.
    During his reign as champion, he is drafted into military service but he refuses. He takes it to court loses and has to spend time in jail which puts a pause in his boxing career.
  • Sgt. Pepper Release

    Sgt. Pepper Release
    The album was very unique from another album with reference to sex and drug that was not normal at the time. It was the best-selling album of the time and spent 15 weeks at the number one spot in the United States.
  • Thurgood Marshal Appointment

    Thurgood Marshal Appointment
    He was the first African American to be nominated for the supreme court. He was a civil rights leader and a distinguished lawyer.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    The Tet Offensive was a series of sneak attacks by north Vietnam on the major cities in the south. It was successful at first taking the American Embassy and other cities however all the cities were recaptured but the damage to the wars image was done. This marks a turning point in the war which shattered public opinion.
  • Martin Luther King Assassination

    Martin Luther King Assassination
    While in his hotel room he is shot in the back by a white man and killed. This sparks massive outcry and the police capture Earl James Ray and charge him with the crime.
  • Robert Kennedy Assassination

    Robert Kennedy Assassination
    While campaigning presidential hopeful and JFK's brother Robert Kennedy was killed while walking trough his hotel. Robert was nicknamed Bobby and was a senator from New York as well as JFK's closest cabinet member.
  • Democratic National Convention Riot

    Democratic National Convention Riot
    People rioted outside because who won the party's nomination really should not have. This ended up splitting the Democrat's vote in the election.
  • LSD declared illegal

    LSD declared illegal
    One of the most popular and cheapest drugs LSD is declared illegal by the government. despite this people continue to use it and it is one of the easiest and cheapest drugs to get at the time.
  • Richard Nixon Election

    Richard Nixon Election
    After losing to JFK and waiting out Lyndon B Johnson Richard Nixon runs for president again. This time he wins with Humphrey and Wallace splitting the democratic vote.
  • Stonewall riots

    Stonewall riots
    A serious protest and riot by different groups in response to the raiding of a Greenwich Village hotel. This was important for gay people of that time.
  • American Moon Landing

    American Moon Landing
    The moon American landing was the first moon landing and was conducted by the crew of the Apollo 11. Three astronauts left from Florida and set off to the moon. Two went to the surface, the first man to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong and the second Buzz Aldrin. One stayed behind to orbit around the moon and all three made it back with no major issues.
  • Woodstock

    Giant concert in a field of over 400,000 people over multiple days. The party used drug and three people were born during it.
  • The Rolling Stones host the Altamont music festival

     The Rolling Stones host the Altamont music festival
    Free concert held by the rolling stones because they were not at Woodstock. It turned violent and had to be called of early.