• birth control pill

    birth control pill
    moving toward feminism
  • drug scene

    drug scene
    uses of psychedelic drugs experience hallucinatons
  • march on birmingham

    march on birmingham
    MLK lead blacks on a march and were attacked by dogs and police
  • birmingham church bombing

    birmingham church bombing
    group of whites bombed a black church
  • JFK assassinated

    JFK assassinated
    JFK is assassinated in a parade.
  • gulf of tonkin

    gulf of tonkin
    LBJ annouces US ships attacked by N. Vietnam
  • Malcolm X assassinated

    Malcolm X assassinated
    malcolm X is assassinated
  • march on selma

    march on selma
    known as bloody sunday. people were beaten by police
  • montgomery bus boycott

    montgomery bus boycott
    boycott city busses and sit where they want
  • national organization for women (NOW)

    national organization for women (NOW)
    gives equal opportunities
  • wholesome meat act

    wholesome meat act
    ralph nader established it
  • tet offensive

    tet offensive
    major turning point of the war.
  • my lai massacre

    my lai massacre
    US soliders killed innocent women ,children and older men.
  • LBJ withdrawls

    LBJ withdrawls
    LBj withdrawls from presidency
  • MLK jr assassinated

    MLK jr assassinated
    MLK jr is assassinated on his balcony
  • vietnamization

    nixon withdrawls troops and trains S. veitnam
  • RFK assassination

    RFK assassination
    Robert kennedy is assassinated
  • reduce troops

    reduce troops
    nixon reduces troops in vietnam
  • altamont

    300,000 people gathered for a rolling stones concert.