1971-2003, Althea Gibson

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  • Dr. Robert "Whirlwind" Johnson (1899-1971)

  • Valley View Racquet Club program director

    held the position from 1972-1975
  • Lady Carling Open - Pine Ridge CC, Baltimore, MD

    AG made it to the third round. Used Michael Ramey as her caddy and stayed at the Pleasant Valley Motor Lodge (from checks)
  • Battle of the sexes

    Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs. Of course she wins: 6-4, 6-3, 6-3
  • Black Queen of Tennis documentary

    AG signs a contract with Gil Fuller to fund the production of a documentary about AG. see images from Fran Gray storage unit.
  • New Jersey State Athletic Commissioner appointment

    Appointed by NJ Governor Brendan T. Byrne. She held the position until she resigned Jan 18, 1977.
  • Resignation - Commissioner of the NJ Athletic Commission

    AG resigns as commissioner of the NJ Athletic Commission. (Trenton Evening Times Jan 19 1977)
  • Announcement - NJ state senate seat Democratic primary bid

    AG ran under a slate headed by gubernatorial candidate, Rep. James Florio, and included East Orange Mayor Tom Cooke. Her opponents in the race were atty Eldridge Hawkins and Sen Frank Dodd. (Asbury Park Press April 26, 1977)
  • Starcity Broadcasting Company

    Newark city council approves the sale of the Military Park Hotel to emerging company Starcity Broadcasting for $100,000.00. Starcity planned to create a major media facility in the hotel. Part of the deal included a promise from Starcity to spend $1.5 million in improvements within 5 years. AG was among several principles in the business. (Daily News May 8 1977)
  • Loss - NJ senate seat race

    AG loses the democratic primary for NJ senate seat. Her opponents were Frank J. Dodd and Eldridge Hawkins. Dodd won the primary. She was part of the Rep. James Florio Democrat ballot.
  • Monmouth College honorary degree - New Jersey

    AG receives an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree. AG's resume states she received an honorary "DL" degree in DL at Monmouth University - Wilmington NC in 1987 but there is no corroboration.
  • Starcity folds

    Sometime between March of 1978 and Feb 1981 Starcity defaults on the deal with the city and the Military Park Hotel property is returned to the Newark tax rolls. (Star Ledger Feb 25, 1981 and Aug 7, 1986)
  • AG marries Syd Llewellyn

  • Ivory Coast visit

    AG and Sid Llewellyn visit Cote D'Ivoire at the behest of the State Dept.
  • NJ State Athletic Control Board member

    Gov. Thomas Kean appoints AG a member of the NJ Athletic Control Board.
    Asbury Park Press 14 Nov 1985
  • NJ State Athletic Board

    AG and 2 other members were nominated in Nov 1985 as members of the new state Athletic Board. They were confirmed Jan 17 1986.
  • NJ senior games exhibition

    Bobby Riggs/Leonard Coleman defeat AG/Gov. Kean - 7-6
  • Eastern Tennis Association Hall of Fame

    Bill Talbert, Arthur Ashe and AG were among 9 people added to this hall of fame.
  • Candace Award

    Sponsored by the National Coalition of 100 black women AG receives award along with Winnie Mandela.
  • NJ Gov. Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

  • Hubert Eaton (1916-1991)

  • Will Darben dies

    Darben passes away in East Orange, NJ.
  • Sydney Llewellyn (1911 - 1999)

  • Althea Gibson (1927-2003)

  • Althea Gibson statue unveiled at US Open