1950s timeline

  • credit card introduced

    credit card introduced
    a way to buy things wy not holding to much money and was so useful for the average peasron
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  • great brinks robbery

    great brinks robbery
    the great brinks robbery was when 11 men coordinately robbed a bank in Boston and stole about 2.4 million
  • Korean war begins

    Korean war begins
    the Korean war was a war between north and south Korea, they had some clashes on the border but it started when north Korea invaded south Korea
  • president Truman sign the the organic act of Guam

    president Truman sign the the organic act of Guam
    president Truman signs papers to support the organic act of Guam bye allowing them american citizen ship
  • the comic strip peanut is introduced

    the comic strip peanut is introduced
    the first ever comic strip is introduced as a system of watchable entertainment that you can read and see pictures
  • Nevada nuclear tests were started

    Nevada nuclear tests were started
    it started in 1945 but the tests began in 1951 where they tested out nuclear weapons in Nevada
  • Operation Greenhouse

    Operation Greenhouse
    The first thermonuclear weapon test takes place at the Enewetak Atoll during Operation Greenhouse
  • 22nd amendment was created

    22nd amendment was created
    the 22nd amendment was to limit the power of the president and have the congress more involved in declensions with the president
  • popular tv show i love you Lucy premiers

    popular tv show i love you Lucy premiers
    a popular tv show for the next 6 years comes out called i love you lucy and it was a hit the second it came out
  • first potato head sold

    first potato head sold
    the first ever potato head is sold to start a long line of toys and soon to be part of movies
  • Anne frank diary

    Anne frank diary
    the english version of the anne frank dairay was first publushed
  • queen Elizabeth

    queen Elizabeth
    Elizabeth becomes queen of England after her father died
  • hydrogen bomb

    hydrogen bomb
    first ever hydrogen bomb is made as the srongest weapon in the world
  • polio vaccine developed

    polio vaccine developed
    the first ever polio vaccine was made but was not used tested in 1954 and not used until 1955
  • peter pan broadway

    peter pan broadway
    peter pan first ever appearance in any form of entertainment and is a hit with everybody which later led to a tv show in 19955
  • Joseph Stalin dies

    Joseph Stalin dies
    stalin led the soviet union before his death. he died due to cerebral hemorrhage
  • Korean war ends

    Korean war ends
    after 3 long years of war the Korean war ends with no side really winning
  • McCarthyism

    Senator Joseph McCarthy is censure bringing an end to his witch hunt of Communists
  • indo china war

    indo china war
    The First Indo China war ends when France gives up North Vietnam to the Communists
  • Brown v. Board of Education Decision

    Brown v. Board of Education Decision
    The Supreme Court rules on Brown v. Board of Education, stating that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional
  • mickey mouse club

    mickey mouse club
    the first episode of mickey mouse club program airs as a form of entertainment toward the younger audience
  • 64,000 dollar question

    64,000 dollar question
    the famous insanley popular show known as 64,000 dollar question first airs on tv as a game show and the people ate it up
  • peter pan

    peter pan
    peter pan first airs on tv for the first time as a entertainment show for children
  • Disney land

    Disney land
    disney land amusment opens for the first time for mainly familys to enjoy
  • Guinness world records book

    Guinness world records book
    the first guinness world records book is published to be a series of books published every year and sell millions of copies
  • gunsmoke

    gunsmoke tv show debuts on cbs to make a classic of the 1950s
  • rosa parks bus scandal

    rosa parks bus scandal
    Rosa parks, a African american women got arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a cocasion american
  • elvis presley

    elvis presley
    Elvis Presley first ever hit the heartbreak hotel first comes out to start Elvis legendary music career
  • hard drive

    hard drive
    first hard drive comes out as a hard disk to start thehardrive buissness made by lbi
  • as the world turns

    as the world turns
    the tv show as the world turns airs on cbs
  • frisbee

    the first frisbee toy comes out as a toy to throw around for all ages
  • i love lucy endng

    i love lucy endng
    the last episode famous show of i love lucy came out
  • sputnik 2

    sputnik 2
    sputnik 2 launches as the first animal to go into space is a dog named laika
  • baby boomers

    baby boomers
    1957 is the pinical of the baby boom making the most amount of babs in any year
  • vanguard TV3 satellite launch

    vanguard TV3 satellite launch
    The United States attempts to launch its first satellite, with the Vanguard TV3 rocket but it fails
  • transcontinental speed record

    transcontinental speed record
    Future astronaut John Glenn sets the transcontinental speed record
  • american expressed is intorduced

    american expressed is intorduced
    american express is introduced as the first credit card company and took storm and mad huge profit the second it came out
  • NASA

    nasa is first made as a scince company on finding out how space works
  • seria and egpt become friends

    seria and egpt become friends
    Syria and Egypt become politically unified with the creation of the United Arab Republi
  • air disaster

    air disaster
    The Munich Air Disaster occurs after a plane crashes carrying the Manchester United team
  • hope diamond

    hope diamond
    The Hope Diamond is donated to the Smithsonian Institution
  • sputnike 3

    sputnike 3
    The satellite carried twelve experiments into space and its mission was to study the composition of the atmosphere and cosmic rays while orbiting the Earth
  • nasa astronautes

    nasa astronautes
    The Luna 2 spacecraft crashes into the Moon
  • fidel castro

    fidel castro
    Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba after Revolution with the first communist state in the west
  • hawaii

    Hawaii becomes the 50th state i actually had to re llook it up to make sure that that was true cause i didnt know that
  • vanguard

    Vanguard 2 Weather Satellite was the first successful earth weather satellite
  • Geneva Accords

    Geneva Accords
    The Geneva Agreements are signed at the Geneva Conference
  • luna 2

    luna 2
    The Luna 2 spacecraft crashes into the Moon
  • Ben-Hur

    the film Ben-Hur premiers with the largest budget for a movie at the time being 15 million dollaars
  • Antarctic Treaty

    Antarctic Treaty
    The Antarctic Treaty is signed in Washington on December 1st. It was signed by twelve countries who had been active in the Antarctic region during the previous year which included the United States
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