1946-1960 Econimic & Social status

  • Ford Company

    Ford (America Company) comes out with the Deluxe business coupe.
  • Mid post war

    Beginning of post war. Right after WW2
  • Post War Economy

    Post war economy begain; charecterized as rubus spending, low energy prices, and heavy Social and Military spending
  • Military Cut back

    All money was going to military and had to be cut back.
  • Surplus

    Surplus of 4.1 billion dollars. Affected businesses and major companies
  • Unemployment

    They hit 7 out of 10 American citizens, they were unemployed
  • John F kennedy

    expanded Sociak Security and Unemployment benefits. Also he managed to cut taxes.
  • 12 Billion Defecit

    Didnt know how to manage ecomony in that time. They went through four different Ressesions
  • Industrial Production

    Industrial Production fell by 14% and coorporate profit bumpped up by 25%.
  • Great Depression begins

    Affecting many Americans and economy. No jobs and price increase. Too much social spending and dollar value went down.
  • Economic Highest Peak

    Economies peak was really high do to Korean and WW1 time periods.