The 1940's


  • The Birth of Bebop

    The Birth of Bebop
    This type of music has a fast tempo and was only made for listening not for dancing to. It was an improvisation built on complex harmonic structures.
  • NCAA

    In 1940 the first telecast of college basketball was aired. On the 50th anniversary season in 1940 Wisconsin being the underdog came and won the NCAA tournament.
  • Nylon

    Through the 30's silk was worn by women. By 1940 nylon came out. It was strong as elastic but had sheerness of silk. During the war silk production stopped and nylon became the new materials for papachutes, tents, and other supplies the militray needed.
  • Cotton t-shirts

    Cotton t-shirts
    CottonT-shirts were worn under the military uniform for confort. The cotton T-shirts still highly common today for everyday use.
  • Freeze-Drying and Freeze-Dried Food

    Freeze-Drying and Freeze-Dried Food
    Freeze-drying is a removal of water content from frozen food. The dehydration occurs under a vacuum, with the plant/animal product solidly frozen during the process. During World War 2, the freeze-dried process was developed commericially when it was used to preserve blood plasma and penicillin.
  • Plutonium

    Plutonium was first synthesized by a team led by Gleen T. Seaborg and Edwin McMillan at the university of California, Berkeley laboratory by bombarding uranium-238 with deuterons. Trace amount of plutonium is useful quently discovered in nature producing plutonium is useful quanitis for the first time was a major part of the Manhattan project during World War 2, which developed the first atomic bomb.
  • Radar

    Radar was secretly developed by several nations before and during World War 2. The term RADAR was coined by the United States Navy as an acronym for radio detection and ranging. The term radar has since entered English and other languages as the common noun radar, losing all capitalization.
  • Bombing on Pearl Harbor

    Bombing on Pearl Harbor
    This was a suprise attak o th U.S by Japanese military forces. Japanese attacked with ships and airplanes. This attack brought us to WWII. The long war ended in 1945 with a surrender of Axis countries.
  • Glenn Miller

    Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller and his orchestra enjoyed the popularity and the comercial success. Helping inspire the WWII generation. Until suddenly disappearing on a flight from London to Paris.
  • Moving Japanese Americans to relocation camps

    Moving Japanese Americans to relocation camps
    These cmps happened after WWII happened concerns grew about Japanese spies. 1942 over 120,000 Japanese Americans were taken into custody. Camps were crowded and uncomfortable.
  • Anne Frank goes into hiding.

    Anne Frank goes into hiding.
    Anne Frank and her family Jewish so when hitler came to their little townher family had to go into hiding in 1942. Two years later her family was found and were taken to concentration camps. Anne died in March 1945 in one of the concentration camps in Belsen.
  • V-2 missle

    V-2 missle
    The V-2 missle was a ballistic missle that was developed at the beginning of the Second World War in Germany, specifically targeter at London and later Antwerp. The liquid-propellant rocket was the world's first long-range combatballistic missile and first known human artifact.
  • The First Self Sustaning Chain Reaction

    The First Self Sustaning Chain Reaction
    A small team of scientists and technicians methodically pulled neutron absorbing rods out of a carefully stacked pile of graphite bricks and natural uranium/uraniumoxide spheres. The pile has been assembled in just a few weeks with a total project budget in the range of a few hundred thousand dollars.
  • Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra was a teen idol to girls of the forties, witthin 15 months of his new career he became the hottest known singer. September of 1943 Sinatra started his acting career. Featuring on the radio, on record, on stage, and in movies.
  • Womens baseball

    Womens baseball
    Many of the leagues finest players joined the military after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Many women instead of taking the mens jobs in factories they went out and started playing baseball.
  • Rosie the Riveter

    Rosie the Riveter
    With WWII women had to take on men's jobs that they wernt used to. Rosie didn't do the typical women jobs she encouraged women to get jobs. By 1945 18 million american women were working outside the home. After the war many men took back their jobs and women lost their jobs and put back to their typical woman job.
  • Streptomycin

    Dr.Waksman and his laboratory discovered several antibiotics, including actinomycin, clavacin, streptothricin, streptomycin, grisem, neomycin, fradicin, candicidin and candidin. Of these, streptomycin and neomycin found extensive application in the treatmant of numerous infectious disease tuberculosis; early production of the drug was dominated by Merck and Co. under George W. Merck.
  • D-Day

    Germans relized an invasion would be coming so they built Forts on the eastline. There were many attackers including U.S, British, Canada, France, and Poland. At many times the fighting got fierce. They fought for Normandy Beaches from Germany.
  • Napalm

    Researchers at Havard University found that a felly gasoline-like substance burnt more slowly and thus was for more effective. They found that mixing an aluminium soap powder of naphthenate and palmitate, also known as napthenic acids with gasoline produced a brownish sticky syrup that burned more slowlythan raw gasoline.
  • Military Colthing

    Military Colthing
    The U.S was in need of uniforms for soilders. They would use cheap materials that could not be wasted, The decoration was limited with the saving material standard.
  • Water Fluoridation

    Water Fluoridation
    Water fluoridation controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay. Fluoridated water has fluoride at a level that is effective for preventing cavities; this can occur naturally or by adding fluoride.
  • President Roosevelt Dies

    President Roosevelt Dies
    President Roosevelt battled i the Great Depression. He was a determned man. President was diagnoised with a serious case of Polio. On April 1945 Roosevelt passed away.
  • One Armed Pete Gray

    One Armed Pete Gray
    Pete having only one arm he was the first to play with only having a left arm. he had a batting average of .218, and a fielding average of .959.Making 51 hits in his career.
  • Liberation of Holocaust Camps

    Liberation of Holocaust Camps
    In the lat months of fighting aliied forced swept through Europe. Nazis emptied cmaps to remove witnesses to their cruelty. In the holocaust Nazis made everything seceret as possible.
  • Toys

    Some well-known toys today like Candy land and chutes n' latters were both made in the 1940's. they didn't only have board games back then. They also had silly putty. It was ment ment for a paint remover but ended up being bouncy, stretchy balls of fun we love. In the 1940's Tonka Trucks, Rosie'o Niell, Model airplanes, and blackbird were all introduced into the public.
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    It's a project led by the U.S. with participation from the United Kingdom and Canada, that produced the first atomic bomb during World War 2. From 1942 to 1946, the project was under the direction of Major General Leslie Groves of the US Army corps of Egineers. The army component of the project was designated the Manattan District "Manhattan" gradually superseded the official codename.
  • First bomb dropped

    First bomb dropped
    The etimate o Japanese deaths are in the millions. Harry S. Truman was told about a secret program called the Manhatten group. This group was working on a new weapon called the atomic bomb. On August 6, 1945 we sent out the firs one over Hiroshima
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    The atomic actually began when the Italian-born physicist Enrico Fermi, working in the United State's, invented an apparatus which produced the first atomic chain reactions. The first atomic bomb had lead to development such as hydrogen and nuclear bomb, which are much more powerful than the first atomic bomb. However because of damages to our environment's and atmosphere, programmers for suck development has been limited and treaty are signed between major countries around the world.
  • End of Wolrd War II

    End of Wolrd War II
    World War II was the most costly and destructive war. This war made many struggle as they lost homes and loved ones. The U.S and Britain struggled for many years to free occupied countries from Nazi's control.
  • Flydora hats

    Flydora hats
    Fydora hats made in movies look mysteriouis. They are wide brimmed adn mostly a darker color. Dectectives, gansters, and most popular characters in movies all wore them to look mysterious to put suspence in movies.
  • NFL

    The all American footbal conference was the NFLs begining rival. By 1949 some teams started to join the NFL like the Browns, San Fransico, the 49ers, and The Colts.
  • Breaking the Color Barrier

    Breaking the Color Barrier
    Jakie Robinson was the first african american to play major league baseball. In only his first season Jakie scored 125 runs and stole 29 bases becoming the Rookie of the year in 1947.Two short years later he was voted the National leagues most valuable player.
  • Gandhi

    Gandhi was an important Indian leader. He taught freedom could be achieved without violence. He was shot because he helped India gain their countries independence.
  • Television

    5,000 black and white televisions were sold back then. Neighbors weould all come over to watch cartoons, mater pieces, and simple movies. Movies such as dumbo, casablanka, ms. miniver, life boats, and notorious. In 1948 T.V. boomed.
  • Shoes

    Leather was expensive and becoming less common. Alligator and snake skin came into style as government finnally said the heals in shoes can be no more than 1 inch tall. Then, at theat time skin became the new fashion.
  • The Olympics are held again

    The Olympics are held again
    since many nations were at war the Olympics had been postponed. In 1948 it was announced that the Olympics would begin again in Switzerland.
  • Citation Wins the Triple Crown

    Citation Wins the Triple Crown
    Jockey Eddie Arcaro had ridden Citation through all his victories winning four Belmont stakes, two Peakness stakes, and four Kentucky Derby wins. All the prize money for winning all these races equalled more than 645,000 thousand dollars for Citation and Arcaro. Making a record for the most wins by a single horse.
  • Men clothing during war

    Men clothing during war
    Mens clothes lost vests, pockets flaps, pleats, and pant cuffs. About anything that would use extra clothing was cut to less material. The act of dressing plain became patriotic. As soon as the war ended the fashions went back to normal.
  • Fim and Theater

    Fim and Theater
    The 8 largest studios make up 90% of film production. (Warner Bros, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor, RKO, Twentyfirst Centry Fox, United Artist, Paramont, Univeral, and Columbia). Large studios were puitting at least one film per week out into the public. the production code sadid that they had to make sure the film mad the good guys win and the sexualitly was suggest rather then mentioned.
  • Jeans

    The start of the 1940's women would not dareto wear jeans. Later the they were introduced to jeans (dugarees). They also wore one piece clothing called overalls. They used overalls as factory clothing. As soon jeans became common, make-up went into effect.