1933-1945: 2nd World War

By Asdf!
  • The Rise of Hitler

    The Rise of Hitler
    Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany, the same year he become president and passed the "Enabling Law" making him the Fuher
  • Period: to

    2nd World War

  • Reichstag Burn

    Reichstag Burn
    The Reichstag of Germany Burns, Hitler appoint communists to commite the crime.
  • Concentration Camp

    Concentration Camp
    First concentration camp open in Berlin, where political enemies and jews,homosexuals and other etnic group were aprisioned and executed.
  • Germany Quits the Leage of Nations

    Hitler as chancellor quits Germany of the league of nations the league of Natiions cause of his hate of this cause of the Treaty, and because he was preparing for a war.
  • Depresion at France

    Depresion at France
    France Become a riot cause of the depression and the social problems.
  • The Night of the long Knifes

    The Night of the long Knifes
    Hitler thought the SA was gaining too much power, so he called the most powerful officers of it and killed them all, in the act that was called "The night of the long knifes"
  • Hinderbung Dies

    Hinderbung Dies
    President of Germany, Hinderburg Dies.
  • German Troops

    German Troops
    Hitler introduced conscriptions and soldiers began to incrase massively
  • abyssinia

    Italy take over of Abyssinia.
  • Rhineland rearmament

    Rhineland rearmament
    Hitler Send troops to the Rhinelad, action prohibed by the Treaty.
  • Anschluss

    Hitler after the vote negate it and finally decided to invade Austria and take over of it.
  • Austria Crisis

    Austria Crisis
    Huge crisis inside Austria who made think easier for Germans to take over it.
  • Appeasment

    Britain Goverment wanted to gain time and give Hitler his claims, in what was called appeasment
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    Britain, France and Germany agreed on the terms of the invasion of Czechoslovakia
  • Sudetenland

    Germans took over of the Sudetenland
  • Czechoslovakia take over.

    Czechoslovakia take over.
    Hitler after invading the Sudetenland, invades the rest of Czechoslovakia.
  • Poland Demand

    Hitler demand cities o Poland.
  • Support to Poland

    Support to Poland
    France and Britain give support to Poland for a posible invasion.
  • Albania Invasion

    Italy invades and occupies Albania.
  • Allience propose

    Soviet Union proposes a triple alliance with Britain and France.
  • Rejected Non agression pacts to Germany

    Sweden, Norway and Finland reject Germany's offer of non-aggression pacts.
  • Nazi Soviet pact

    Nazi Soviet pact
    Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler sign the Nazi-Soviet Pact.
  • Poland and Britain Assitance

    Britain and Poland sign a treaty of mutal assistance.
  • Hitler Invade Poland

    The German Army invades Poland and annexes the free city of Danzig.
  • War declaration

    War declaration
    Britain and France declare war on Germany
  • Russia invades Poland.

    Russia invade Poland after Germany did was a pact made by the nazi soviet pact
  • Neutrality

    Franklin D. Roosevelt announces that the USA will remain neutral in the European war
  • Russia expelled

    The soviets were expelled after invading Poland from the League of Nations
  • France Invasion

    France Invasion
    Hitler launch an attack to France and He invade it.
  • Italy Declaration

    Italy Declaration
    Mussolini declares war on the Allies
  • Belgium

    Belgium surrender to the Nazi army.
  • Attacks to London

    Attacks to London
    The Luftwaffe carry out a all-night bombing raid on London and begins the Blitz.
  • UK strikes.

    UK strikes.
    The Royal Air Force bombs Berlin.
  • Bulgaria

    Bulgaria signs the Tripartite Pact and joins forces with Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Britain Vs Italy at Etrhiopia

    The British Army invades Italian-controlled Ethiopia.
  • Desert War

    Desert War
    General Erwin Rommel mounts his first attack in the Desert War.
  • Italy defeat

    Italian Army in Ethiopia surrenders to Allied forces.
  • Yugoslavia invasion

    Germany, Italy and Bulgaria invade Yugoslavia.
  • Yugoslavia defeated

    Yugoslavia surrenders to the German Army.
  • Greece surrender

    Greece surrenders to the German Army.
  • Opertation Barbarossa

    Opertation Barbarossa
    Hitler invades the Soviet Union
  • Mutual Aid

    Soviet Union and Britain sign an agreement of mutual aid.
  • Russia Counter Attack

    The soviets attack Germany after their invasion
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japanese forces attack the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor.
  • Stalingrad Won

    The soviets beat the Nazis at Stalingrad
  • Africa

    German and Italians were driven out of Africa by the royal and the US army
  • Invasion to Germany

    Allied troops enter Nazi Germany.
  • Italy Invasion

    The US army invade Italy
  • Musollini Saved

    Hitler send paratroopers to rescue Mossulini who ruled the north part of Italy until his death.
  • Normandia

    US and Britain invade and reconquer France
  • Rome take over

    US army take over of Rome
  • Hitler "suicide"

    Hitler "suicide"
    Soviet army invade Germany, this was the end of the War for Germany and Hitler commited suicide. PS: I don't think Hitler had suicide to be honest.
  • Mussolini Captured

    Mussolini Captured
    Benito Mussolini is executed in Milan by Italian partisans.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    two atomic bombas were dropped to Japan by the US army, the next Day Japan Surrender.