1930 - 1945 Timeline

  • Unification With Austria

    Germany Had Persuaded Austria To Combine To Become One In The Greater-Germany.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor Of Germany

    Hitler Becomes Chancellor Of Germany On The 30th Of March 1933.
  • Re-Occupation Of the Rhineland

    Hitler Unilaterally Canceled The Military Clauses Of The Treaty And In March Of 1936 Denounced The Locarno Pact And Began Re-militarizing The Rhineland.
  • Ocupatiopn Of Czechoslavakia

    On March 15th 1938, German troops marched Into Czechoslovakia. They Took Over Bohemia, And Established A Protectorate Over Czechoslovakia.
  • The Munich Agreement

    The Munich Agreement Was A Settlement Permitting Nazi Germany's Annexation Of Portions Of Czechoslovakia Along The Country's Borders.
  • Invasion Of Poland And Declaration Of War

    The Invasion Also Known As The September Campaign Was A Joint Invasion Of Poland By Nazi Germany, The Free City Of Danzig, The Soviet Union And A Small Slovak Contingent.
  • Battle Of France

    The Battle Of France Also Known As The Fall Of France Was A German Invasion Of France And The Small Countries.
  • Battle Of Britain

    The Battle Of Britain Was A Combat Of The Second World War, When The Royal Air Forces defended The United Kingdom, Against The German Air Force Attack From The End Of June 1940.
  • Attack On Pearl Harbor

    On December 7th 1941, Japanese Planes Attacked The United States Naval Base At Pearl Harbor, It Killed 2300 Americans, And It Completely Destroyed The American Battleship U.S.S..