1920's people and events


    QANTAS was founded on this date.
    On the 3rd of December, 1920, the first flight from Melbourne to Perth was succesful.
  • Commonwealth Health Department.

    It was established in 1921 and The Commonwealth Health Department's first minister was Sir Walter Massey-Green.
  • Edith Cowan

    Edith Cowan was the first woman to be elected to an Australian Parliament. (In Perth)
  • William McInnes

    He won the First Archibald Prize for a portrait of the architect H. Debrowe Annear.
  • Melbourne floods

    2 people drown in Melbournes worst floods since 1891.
  • First Cabinet meeting

    The first cabinet meeting held in Canberra.
  • Police Force

    In Melbourne the Federal Police force was established
  • Victoria Bushfires

    31 People died in bushfires in the Yarra Velley and Gippsland.
  • Opening of Parliament house

    Duke of York officially opens Parliament House.
  • Black Tuesday

    The Wall Street stock market in New York crashed. Prices fell, unemployement rose and Australia's big cities were depopulated as thousands of men went to the countryside to look for work.
  • Unemployment rate of 29%

  • Unemployment rate of 10%