1912 to 1945

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  • The Titanic Sinks

  • Period: to


  • The Russian Revolution

  • The Representation of The People Act

    women over 30 can vote.
    men over 21/ over 19 if they are part of the armed forces can vote
  • Mass Unemployment

  • Mussolini Becomes Prime Minister of Italy

  • The General Strike

    From the 3rd to the 13th of May
  • Votes II

    women over 21 can now vote
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

  • Wall Street Crash

  • The National Hunger March

  • Period: to

    The Holocaust

  • Hitler Comes to Power

  • The Jarrow March

  • The Bombing of Guernica

  • Period: to


  • The London Blitz

  • Clement Attlee's Labour Party Wins Election

  • Atom Bomb Hiroshima

  • Atom Bomb Nagasaki