World War ll

Timeline created by Alma
  • Germany INVADES Poland

    German forces invade Poland and the planes have bombed Polish cities, including the capital, Warsaw.
  • Germany Overruns much of EUROPE

    For Example:
    After he conquers France he thought he won the war and it was actually over.
  • Germany Defeated Stalendail

    Germany gives up his idea of Britain. Hitler underestimates the Soviet Union. Also Germany fails the entire city
  • Germany is defeated by Alamien

    I really couldn't find info. Something i know is that Japan loses the battle of Midway in the Pacific!!
  • D-Day the allies land in Normandy,France

    All I really know is the date it occured!!
  • Germany Surrenders

    Hitler and his wife were living in a bunker. He killed himself and then his wife did to. The US won the battle against some islands. The atomic bomb was used against Japan and Hiroshuma. Then Japan surrenders and World War 2 ends!!!!!!!!!