1876-1900 (Chris, Ashley, Justin)

  • Telephone invention

    Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone. First complete sentence "Watson come here i want you"
  • Glided Age

  • Election

    Disputed election- Deal made to withdraw troops from the South
  • Refrigerator was made

    Made by Carl Linde, created to destroy the action of bacteria yeast and mold.
  • Broom invented

    Melville Bissell began marketing his invention of the carpet sweeper.
  • Congress

    45th congress has 3 black members
  • Toliet paper

    Took paper that was already invented and put it on a roll, to make toliet paper.
  • Pneumatic tire

    John Dunlop developed the first pneumatic tire, covering the circumference of the wheel it provids friction, reduces wear, provides cushions to bumpy road.
  • antiseptics of surgery

    Joseph Lister argued if a doctor went from one patient to the next they could carry on a life threatning diesease, and made them wash their hands in calicum chlorie before a new patient, deaths went from 12% to 1%
  • Congress

    46th congress has on black memeber
  • Cholera

    Jaime Ferrzine creats first vaccine for Cholera, can be fatal caused from drinking/eating something containing feces.
  • School

    Tuskegee Institute founded, majority black school.
  • Civil rights act

    Civil rights act declared unconstitutional
  • Roll of film

    George Eastman invents the first rol of film.
  • Fountain pen

    Before the pen, the pen tips had to be dipped in ink every food words. Lewis Watermon made a reservoir in the pen to hold the ink.
  • Vaccine

    First vaccine for rabies was made by Louis Pasteur and Emilie Roux was made.
  • Congress

    50th congress has no black members. intimidation kept black voters from poll
  • "A.C"

    Invented by Nikola Tesla designed the 1st practical system of enerating and transmitting alternating curent for electric power.
  • Camera

    George Eastman invents kodak camera
  • Birth of memeorable man

    Hitler born
  • Paris

    Eiffel Tower built in Paris (designed by Gustave Alexandre Eiffel)
  • Automobile

    Gottlieb Daimter and Karl Benz, powered by a 1.5 HP, two cylinder gasoline engine, had four speed transmission and traveled 10MPH
  • Escalator

    Charles Seeberger redsigned Jesse Renos escalator. Made it modern
  • State

    Washington admitted a state
  • Babcock test

    The first inexpensive test to determine the fat content of milk, invented by Stephen Moulton Babcock, to prevent dishonest farmers from watering down milk, and removing cream,
  • Fire Alarm

    First automatic electric fire alarm by Francis Robbins Upton and Fernando J. Dibble.
  • Battle of wounded knee

    200 Native Americans and children massacred by U.S troops
  • Punch card

    The first machind punch card was invented which proved good for work. Passing the cards through electrical contacts, closed the circuits, when indicated hole positions they could be selected and counted.
  • Rayon

    Artificial silk know as Rayon was invented by George Audemars in France.
  • Zipper

    Invented by Whitcomb L. Judson, an american mechanical engineer.
  • Tractor

    First tractor was invented by John Friekich, 1st successful gasoline tractor.
  • Dimer device

    Invented by Granville Woods, by decresing or increasing the voltage and the "mean power" the intensity of the light output changes.
  • Scissors

    Used orginally to cut woven clothes was invented by Louise Austin.
  • Modern architecture

    Frank Lloyd Wright invented the idea of modern architecture, he had a central principle that the building should develop out of its natural surrounding.
  • Basketball

    James Nasmite invented the game of basketball, orginal game contained soccer balls
  • Russia

    Nicholas II becomes last Romanov Tsar of Russia
  • Scientific Management

    The system relied on time and motion studies, which help determine the best methods for performing a task in the least amount of time
  • Cyclometer

    Invented by Curtis Hossey Veecter, a device mounted on a bike to display distance rode.
  • Birth of Earheart

    Amelia Earheart is one of the most important feminine figures in American figures.
  • Charcoal Briquette

    Invented by Elisworth B. Zwoyer. It is a charcoal matter which is used to fuel and mantain a fire.
  • Comission

    T.R head of civil service comission
  • Asprin

    Felix Hoffman ivents Asprin. A german chemist
  • Navy

    T.R assistant secretary of navy, spanish american war
  • Wing Warping

    The twisting motion on aircrafts to create lateral control, made by Wilbur Wright.
  • Sothern states

    Southern states pass laws to disenfrancise blocks
  • president

    T.R elected vice president
  • McKinley Assonated

    Camegie sells company for 225. million
  • Radio

    Reginald Fessenden invented the radio(wireless signaling). Dec 23 he hooked up a microphone and communicated speech by electromagnetic waves