On each and evert attack our valorous red army will answer with three times more powerful blows

Russia During World War II

  • Pact with Germany

    Pact with Germany
    Stalin's Communist Russia signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler's Nazi Germany in order to keep the aggressive Hitler away from Russia.
  • Germany invades Russia

    Germany invades Russia
    Germany, together with its allies (Finland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy), invaded Russia in a gigantic surprise attack.
  • Scorched Earth

    Scorched Earth
    Stalin orders the 'scorched earth' strategy.
  • Moscow in Danger

    Moscow in Danger
    German army group 'centre' takes Smolensk, just 220 miles from Moscow.
  • The Resistance

    The Resistance
    The foremost German forces reach 27km from Moscow, but can advance no further due to strong Russian resistance.
  • Begining of Stalingrad

    Begining of Stalingrad
    The Russian flanking counter attack around Stalingrad begins
  • End of Stalingrad

    End of Stalingrad
    The Germans fail to break the encirclement of their army in Stalingrad
  • The Very End

    The Very End
    The last German forces in Stalingrad surrender.
  • Smolensk

    The Russians liberate Smolensk.
  • Kiev

    The Russians liberate Kiev.