Timeline created by Richard Arteaga
  • 1558

    House Divided Speech

    This was a speech that was made by Abraham Lincoln. He was saying that the house can't last if it is divided and that it can't be half slave and half free forever. This was an important speech and it shows Abraham Lincoln as a good nominee.
  • Republican Party

    The Whig party was switched with the Republican Party. The North will switch to Republican because of the Scott v Sanford. This would make the North think that they are trying to legalize slavery. As a result of the change of the Republican Party it would cause more problems with the south.
  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Uncle Toms Cabin was created by Harriet Stowe. Harriet wrote about a story of the a slave named Tom and his life and the way he died. The story was not correct because she didn't go to the south to see slavery. It caused problems between the north and south because they were misleading for both sides and they didn't like It from both sides.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    As a result of the Kansas Nebraska Act was made by Douglas and it was to made the states west to choice to be a free or slavery and by deciding by popular sovereignty. This would cause problems for the North and the South because the people would be divided to choose if they should be free or slave state.
  • Bloody Kansas

    This was the fight between the pro and anti slavery groups that were violent to see if the state would be free or slave. The reasoning is because they had to choice because of popular sovereignty. It was violate, for example there was a raid at Lawrence where the anti slavery people stayed and they destroyed the town. This would cause problems in the North because they would get upset that they got attacked and the South would enjoy it.
  • Election of 1856

    During the presidential election, President Pierce was trying to be reelected, John Fremont and James Buchanan was trying to be elected. Buchanan would win the election and was on the democratic side. This was in the middle of the Kansas war and would cause more problems with the Union of the United States.
  • Brooks-Sumner lncident

    Congressman Brooks attacked Senator Sumner with a cane. Brooks was the nephew of Senator Butler who was talked bad about by Senator Sumner and making fun of him. Brooks would beat Sumner so hard that the cane broke and that Sumner would have life long injuries. Brooks would be praised in South Carolina and people would give him canes which would say "hit him again".
  • Dred Scott

    Dred Scott was a slave but his master decided to move to free state but then he died and Scott could be a free slave but Sanford the brother in law of the master, who is the new owner stated that he is still a slave. In the case Scott stated that he is free now because he is in the free state. As a result of the case Scott was still a slave because African Americans can't be citizens because they are property.
  • LeCompton Constitution

    It was a constitution for pro slavery in Kansas. In the constitution it was talking about protecting slaveholders and the bill of rights of the people not including African Americans. It was rejected both times and then the state of Kansas would be stated as a free state. This would cause more tension between the south and the north because the south didn't win and that would upset them.
  • Lincoln v Douglas

    Lincoln and Douglas had many debates over the state of Illinois to have the seat of a state legislature. In one date at Freeport. In the debate Lincoln ask Douglas a question about the Scott decision. "Could the residents of a territory "in any lawful way" exclude slavery prior to statehood?" Douglas replied that it is up to the local regulation which is different from the decision of the court which stated popular sovereignty. This would make the North and the South question the decision.
  • Harper's Ferry

    John Brown with a group of 21 men stormed into Harper's Ferry at night. John Brown would later be catch after a church bell was rang to warn the people. The people were armed and John Brown was captured by the Marines. As a result of this raid it would lead, the North didn't like being violate and the South didn't want to believe politicians that the North didn't believe in it.
  • John Brown

    John Brown was a man that lead a rail at Harper Ferry. He would be kill many people at Harper Ferry with the group of 21 men that helped him. He stated that he would do it for slavery and no other reason. This would cause problems between the south and the north because the north didn't believe in violence but the south didn't believe it.
  • Election of 1860

    This was a presidential election were Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, John Breckinridge, and John Bell were the nominees. Abraham Lincoln was pinned with Stephen Douglass and Breckinridge was pinned with John Bell. Lincoln would later in and he would be the president during the Civil War.
  • Secession

    South Carolina was the first to secession then it was other states that followed like Georgia, Florida and etc. Some states had difficulty leaving because there was people that didn't want to leave the Union and others that did. Some the south would have secession convention to decide if they should leave. This would leave to the way because of the different views on slavery.
  • Lincoln's 1" lnaugural Address

    In Lincolns speech he has stated that he will not infer with states that already have slavery but with the states that don't have it yet and he stated that he would have federal laws on the states that have left the Union. This was important because it would show that Lincoln was serious and that this was an important topic.