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  • Jefferson Elected President

    Jefferson Elected President
    The US House of Representatives votes for Jefferson as president, after a dead heat between him and Burr in the Electoral College
  • Britain and France War Again

    Britain and France War Again
    The peace of Amiens comes to an abrupt end when Britain declares war again on France
  • Napoleon Defeats Austria

    Napoleon Defeats Austria
    Napoleon enters Vienna and defeats the Austrians in a battle at nearby Wagram
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    Tecumseh is killed fighting for the British against General Harrison east of Detroit in the Battle of the Thames
  • Napoleon Defeated

    Napoleon Defeated
    The English and Prussian generals Wellington and Blücher defeat Napoleon in a closely fought battle at Waterloo
  • London Bridge

    London Bridge
    London's first iron bridge is completed at Vauxhall
  • Anglo Sikh War Ends

    Anglo Sikh War Ends
    The first Anglo-Sikh war ends with the Treaty of Lahore, by which Jammu and Kashmir are ceded to the British
  • Ophthalmoscope Invented

    Ophthalmoscope Invented
    German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz invents the ophthalmoscope, making it possible for a doctor to examine the inside of a patient's eye
  • Balaklava Battle

    Balaklava Battle
    An inconclusive battle at Balaklava includes the Charge of the Light Brigade, with British cavalry recklessly led towards Russian guns
  • French Defeat Austria

    French Defeat Austria
    French and Piedmontese forces defeat the Austrians decisively at Solferino, in a battle involving appalling casualties
  • First Civil War Battle

    First Civil War Battle
    The first battle of the American Civil War, fought near Manassas and the Bull Run Creek, is a clear Confederate victory
  • The Battle Hymn of the Republic Published

    The Battle Hymn of the Republic Published
    Julia Ward Howe publishes The Battle Hymn of the Republic, inspired by a visit to Union troops in the American Civil War
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    The three-day Battle of Gettysburg, inconclusive but more damaging to the Confederates, brings casualties on both sides of more than 50,000
  • US Battleship Maine Blows Up

    US Battleship Maine Blows Up
    The US battleship Maine is blown up in Havana harbour, sparking off the Spanish-American War