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18 inventions throughout 1865-1920

  • Unites States secret service was established.

    Unites States secret service was established.
    Originally appointed to stop counterfeiting of money.
  • Period: to

    Inventions throughout 1865-1920

  • Joseph Lister creates antiseptic.

    Joseph Lister creates antiseptic.
    Antiseptic was created by Joseph Lister in England. It is used for surgery.
  • Incandescent lamp was created

    Incandescent lamp was created
    A.E. Becquerel from France created the incandescent lamp in 1867
  • Dynamite gets created.

    Dynamite gets created.
    Dynamite: Alfred Nobel, Sweden, 1867.
  • Joseph E. Glidden creates barbed wire.

    Joseph E. Glidden creates barbed wire.
    Barbed wire gets created for prisons.
  • Telephone gets created.

    Telephone gets created.
    Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone.
  • Thomas A. Edison creates electric lamp.

    Thomas A. Edison creates electric lamp.
    Thomas A. Edison, U.S., 1879; (mercury vapor lamp)
  • Machine gun created.

    Machine gun created.
    Hiram S. Maxim, Anglo-American, 1884. Machine gun.
  • Zipper is crreated.

    Zipper is crreated.
    W. L. Judson, U.S., 1891
  • Electric generator is created.

    Electric generator is created.
    Nikola Tesla, U.S., 1892.
  • Motion pictures is created.

    Motion pictures is created.
    Thomas A. Edison, U.S., 1893.
  • Tractor was invented.

    Tractor was invented.
    Benjamin Holt creates the tractor.
  • Safety Razor invented

    Safety Razor invented
    King Gillette made this in 1901. 27 years later the electric razor was invented.
  • Electric vacuum cleaner.

    Electric vacuum cleaner.
    Hubert C. Booth, England, 1901
  • Electrocardiography is demonstrated.

    Electrocardiography is demonstrated.
    Willem Einthoven, 1903, Dutch physiologist
  • Gyrocompass is created.

    Gyrocompass is created.
    Elmer A. Sperry, U.S., 1905
  • Refrigerator was invented.

     Refrigerator was invented.
    Alexander Twining, U.S., James Harrison, Australia created the refrigerator.
  • Automatic rifle is created.

    Automatic rifle is created.
    John Browning, U.S., 1918.