Collin 1970's timeline

  • beatles break up

    beatles brake up and fans are devistated
  • A Close Call for Apollo 13

    A Close Call for Apollo 13
    Apollo 13 almost ends in disaster. Fifty-six hours into flight, one of the spacecraft's oxygen tanks ruptures, severely damaging the power and life-support systems.
  • Apollo Moon Rover

    Apollo Moon Rover
    Apollo 15 completes the first long, expedition-style lunar landing mission. The crew explores the moon's surface with the first lunar rover, and they return with some of the finest samples of moon rock.
  • disney world opens

    disney opens a new world
  • Rendezvous with Russia

    Rendezvous with Russia
    The first international human space flight, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, tests the compatibility of rendezvous and docking systems for American and Soviet spacecraft to pave the way for future joint missions.