1750-1918 major events

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    1750-1918 Key events

  • French and Indian War begin

    The french and Indian war was an important event because, it was a war that determined either the british/french would win the land of the natives or would the natives keep their own land. The war started out the british wanting the french land in North America but soon spreaded toward the Native lands. I think this was an important event because, it showed who started taking over lands so early in the worlds history.
  • Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution started from about the 1760's to around the 1840's. The revolution was a turning point in mankind, in a short amount of time we had gone from horse and cart to cars and planes, candles to lights. We started excelling in machinery and factories, work loads had been increesed majorly. People started moving from the farm lands to densly populated cities and towns. There was downsides to this, guns and firearms had been inevented, killing and the deaths had increesed.
  • Treaty of Paris ends Seven Years War

    The Treaty of Paris ended the American Revoluntion War between Great Britian and North America and all of the allies for both countries. This is a large part in history because it ended a huge uprising in America and Great Britten
  • American Revolution Begins

    This marks the start of a long and grueling battle which killed too many people to count, Great britten and America lost a great amount of men and women but at the end of the war it did free slaves to an extent, there was still large amounts of racism and violence against the black population of the world. But it did make it so the blacks had more equal rights.
  • Declaration of Indepence

    The Declaration of Indepence was an important event because, it gave people the right to be equal and become a real commuity .It led people to life their life in peace and freedom. This event impacted the world by mostly giving North America freedom, but also give an example for other countries to fight for their freedom.
  • American Revolution

    This revolution was a political upheaval, 13 colonies were in this battle. Even though it was an American war, the Brittish jumped in and sided with North America. The results of the war unimaginable for the time, black people were free too live and prosper. There was a large amount of people dead or wounded because of this war, too many for it's time.
  • French Revolution

    The French revolution was a massive political and social upheaval. The most famous part of this civil war was the storming of the bastille. The storming of the bastille was a breaking point in the war, because the town that stormed and took control of the bastille made the Kingback down for a short period of time because of the violence they showed torwards the Mayor, Governer and guards working and running the bastille.
  • French Revolution Begins

    King Louis XIV, made the whole country do in downfall in econmic ways and led to sereval events such as the Regin of Terror. The absolute monachry goverment of all France and spread throughout Europe had fallen within 3 years; and Europe became falling in econmic and political ways.
  • The Delcaration of the Rights of Men

    The Declaration of the Rights of Men wrote about hat all men were equal and should be able to vote amongest the government issues. I think it impacted the world because, it allowed people to come our and vote, (which canges the way we think and do today), who they think would be right for a president, Prime Minister or among other issues wtih the laws.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon gains power in France due to instability, of the french government at the time. He is later appointed First Consul, giving him almost unlimited power. He leads the French on a military in a large campaign that threatens Europe, but his army suffers massive casualties while trying to invade Russia, which leads to him and his army's downfall then falls apart before he can take all of mainland Europe.
  • California Gold Rush

    This wasn't a large part in history but it still was a part of it. On the 1st of may 1848 gold is discovered in California. People from all over the country all flood into California to get a peice of a 'small fourtune' as some said, soon word got out and by the hundreds people from all over the world also flood into california. This marked the start of the settelement of the west.
  • American Civil War

    This civil war was fought over the right to be free from the Union and have the right of slavery.It was won by the North over the South, they soon rejoined as one as the two sides agreed on a slavery-free country. Even though slavery was banned, problems still grew into the 1900's of racism. Racism is still a major problem today.
  • Abraham Lincons Assasination

    On march 1864 John Wilkes Booth got wind that Abraham Lincon was going to attend a play at the Campbell Military Hospital, he informed his conspirators of this and they headed off to atened it. At 10:40 John shot Abraham in the back of his head. The major that was sitting next to abraham jumped back and lunged at John but john drew a knife and stabbed him in the arm and the knife touched the bone and he was badly injured.
  • Invention of the Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell sucessfully tests the telephone with his assistant. It changes the way we communitcate even today due to it's ease of use and alot more efficient to use than the telegram, written letters and previous methods of used to communicate long distances.
  • Coca cola created

    Eagle Drug, the founder of coca cola created the origninal taste in a drug store. By 1886 coca cola was on store shelves. The origins of the name 'coca cola' or 'coke' came from the drug Eagle put in the drink. By 1888 he had sold 3 versions of the Coca Cola. It's origninal use was for medical purposes .
  • The first powered flight

    The first time in hstory that a machine is made that powers itself for flying. Orville and Wilbur Wright successfully started a major revolution in flying technologhy that was to affect the way we move.
  • Titanic-The Creation

    Titanic, the largest ship under The White Star line, was the largest ship of her time and supposedly unsinkable. This mighty vessle, began creation on the 1st of July 1906 and took the men and workers 6 years to complete this 53,310 ton beast.
  • Titanic-The sinking

    The night of the 14th of April came the downfall of this unsinkable beast, the Titanic had struck an iceberge at 11:40pm within 3 hours (15th April 2:20) this ship had sunk to the bottom with over half the crew and passengers still on board. The desginer thought that the look of so many life boats would downgrade the Titanic's looks, they didn't care for safety. The safety worker wanted 64 life boast on board the Titanic but the designer only wanted 16. Out of the 2,223 passengers 1503 died.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand- Assasinated

    This assanation sparked an out burst of events that shaped the 1900's. When the A.F.F was assasinated the Aurtian government was outraged by the death of the heir to the throne, so they declared war on serbia, which stung a long line of wars which created World War 1
  • The Treaty of versailes signed

    This officialy marked the end of world war 1 or "the war to end all wars" which we all know today, wasn't true. Within the treaty, the Germans, were harshly wrote about, told they were not allowed more than a set amount of millitary means. They were not allowed to take back what countries the Treaty signed over to the other countries and if they did, it would break the treaty and spark another war.