1750-1918 major events

  • The Encyclopedia

    The encyclpeadia is an all round knowledge tool that can be translated into any language.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Ben Franklin flew a kite in a lightning storm to prove that electricity is possible. If the kite was shocked and burned by lightning it would mean that electricity is possible
  • Captain Cook arrives in Botany Bay

    Capt. Cook was a British explorer, his most famous discovery was tha land of Australia, he first made settlement in Botany Bay in Sydney
  • Boston Massacre

    British troops fired at a mob of colonists. This helped spark the American Revolution even though an all-colonist jury found the soldiers innocent
  • Washington becomes capital of America

    The new city of Washington, D.C. becomes the United States capital.
  • The Cotton Gin

    The Cotton Gin was a device used to remove seeds from cotton. Until the machine was invented cotton seeds were removed by hand. The cotton gin would allow one man to do the work of 50.
  • Americans involed with Africans were to be hung

    The United States government declares that any American involved in the importation of Africans for enslavement will receive the death penalty.
  • The Electric Telegraph

    The electric telegraph was used to code messages through a current to anothery country, usually about the war or good news
  • School for blind is open

    The first school for the blind opens in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Invention of the Morse code

    Morse Code A series of on-off tines, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment.
  • The first game of Baseball

    New York VS New Jersey this was the first recorded game played by a rule-set. Baseball is one of Americas most popular past times
  • Abraham Lincoln becomes president.

    Abraham Lincoln was a very famous president and great leader, but here didn't slay vampires
  • Abraham Lincoln is killed

    Abraham Lincoln is killed by an assassin five days after the Civil War ends. This was a tragic death amungst the American population
  • Unveiling of Statue of Liberty

    Americas most iconic feature was revealed to the puplic to welcome immigrants to the land. It was a peace offering from the French
  • Adolf Hitler was born

    Adolf Hitler was the Nazi party leader who started WWII and the Hollocaust. The Hollocaust was when Hitler and the Nazi population executed thousands of innocent Jews
  • Flu pandemic

    A pandemic of Spanish influenza sweeps the globe killing more than 21 million people -- over 1% of the world's population
  • Invention of Alkaline Battery

    Alkaline Battery Thomas Edison invents the Alkaline Battery. Alkaline batteries are a type of primary batteries dependent on the reaction between Zinc and Magnese Dioxide
  • The Titanic goes down

    The Titanic was a cruise ship that was sunk by hitting an ice berg tragically killing many people along with it. There werent too many survivors from the accident.
  • Archduke Francis Ferdinand is Assassinated

    The Serbian people living in Austro-Hungarian empire feared The Archduke Francis Ferdinand's ascension to throne. They feared that he would more severely punish the serbs living in Austro-Hungary. He was assassinated by a group of teenage assassins who were members of group called The Black Hand.
  • World War I

    World War I/ The Great War involved all of the great powers and empires. America wanted to stay neutral in the war, thats why they didn't get involved until they misheard a message sent from Germany that was suppose to got to the Russians.