By chuckas
  • Captain cook discovers Australia

    Landed in botany bay sydney , He was the first european to dicover the eastern coast
  • The start of the American revolution

    The americans revolution started when the Americans rise against the british to become there own free nation
  • The start of the french revolution

    The revolution that shook france. Thia marked the end of the ancien regeme.
  • The first fleet

    The english sent 11 convict ships to austalia it was called the first fleet
  • Napolian comes to power

    the start of napolians rain in france
  • Austalian gold rush

    The gold rush started when edmunnd hammond claimed he foud a grain of gold and people came from everywhere to find there furtune
  • First game of autralian rules

    Thomas will and his couin henry harrison inveted the game to keep themselves fit in winter when there was no cricket
  • Lincons Assansination

    Abraham lincon presedent of the USA assasinated in his booth at a stage show
  • Birth of adolf hitler

  • Australian federation

    The brittish let the six states of austrlia goven themselves making australia an independent country
  • Last full blood tasmanian

    The last full blood aboriginal tasmanian dies
  • Australia send women to the olympics

    in the stockholm olymipcs in 1912 swimming became an event and women were now aloud to compeat. We had to girls fanny Durack and mina wylie they won a gold and a silver in 100 meter freeestyle