• Period: to

    Agriculture Era

  • the steam engine was invent

    that helped with engines and motorized veichiles
  • Period: to

    Industrial Era

  • telephone got invented

    it helped people comunicate
  • the lightbulb was invented

    it help people see at night
  • the first tractor was invented

    it help speed up agriculture like help them harvest their crops faster
  • the first car was invented

    this helped people get place faster and helped with transporting goods
  • the first t.v. was invented

    this help keep people up to date with the news help save peoples lifes from severe storms and it was entertaning
  • stockmarket crash

    sent us into great depression
  • Period: to

    Production of Service

  • computer was invented

    the computer was invented andd that helped people comunicate better and it is ussed alot in the military
  • Period: to


  • hte first cell phone was invented

    this help people get a hold of there friends or helped with buisness purposes with out being in a office or at home
  • the first space shuttle was invented

    htis helped discover more planets and helped with education