Claude Monet

By hreagan
  • Claude Monet was born

    Claude Monet was born
    Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris, and six months later he was baptized. He spent his childhood along the beaches and the sea, which gave him a fresh view of "light."
  • Monet joined the military in 1861

    Monet joined the military because he wanted to study art in Paris, but ended up getting himself drafted into Zouaves.
  • Renoir and Monet

    In 1869, Monet was accompanied by Renoir, a very famous artist, he actually taught Monet a few things about painting and art. This was a very big deal-as if it was an honor!
  • Death of Monet's wife, Camille

    Death of Monet's wife, Camille
    Although Monet met Camille when she was very young, he fell head over heels in love with her. On September 5, 1879, she died, and Monet was shocked and surprised, even though he probably had an affair with another woman. Camille was only 32 years of age when she died.
  • between 1888 and 1891

    Monet painted his series of Haystacks. This almost like his waterlily stage, where he painted these over and over again. Some portraits had 2 in a picture, while others could have 4 in the distance.
  • Waterlilies

    Monet would spend hours painting over and over the same thing-waterlilies. He loved how the light would hit the different views of a waterlily, and he thought this to be very peaceful.
  • The Death of Claude Monet

    The Death of Claude Monet
    Claude Monet died of lung cancer in Giverny, France, yet had a suicide attempt supposedly from depression in 1868.
  • Women of the Garden

    Women of the Garden
    "Women in the Garden" is one of Monet's most known works. There is speculation that the four different women in this picture was the same woman, and that it was Camille, he beloved wife. The greatest element of this painting is light, which was Monet's most favorite aspect of art.