Ada Lovelace's timeline

Timeline created by anaaguilera20004
  • Birth

    She was born in London.
  • Divorce

    Their parents divorced.
  • Lord's death

    Her father,Lord Bryon,died in Greece.
  • Illness

    She suffered from an unknown serious illness.
  • Charles Babbage

    She atended an event and met with Charles Babbage, the only person who would share her fascination for the mechanics.
  • Wedding

    She get married with William King-Noel and had three children.
  • Jobs

    She restart her study and became a computer programmer.
  • Analytical engine

    She managed to create the first analytical engine with the Charles Babbage' s help.
  • Death

    She died because she had uterus cancer.
  • Ada Lovelace's Day

    Ada Lovelace's day is celebrated since mid-October. It is an annual event which objective is to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.