15.1 Struggles in Latin America

  • Diaz runs for re-election

    Diaz runs for re-election
    Diaz annouces that he isnt going to retire from office and that he is going to run again against Francisco Madero
  • Diaz wins unfairly

    Diaz wins unfairly
    The Government commits massive voter fraud, claiming Diaz won almost unanimously.
  • Beginning of the Mexican Revolution

    Beginning of the Mexican Revolution
    Madero called for revolt against Díaz, and the Mexican Revolution began
  • Period: to

    Mexican Revolution

    The Mexican Revolution lasted from March 15, 1910 to November 21, 1917
  • Porfirio Diaz

    Porfirio Diaz
    Diaz signed the Treaty of Ciudad Juarez, which repuired him to stand down from power after realizing he cant fight the revolution.
  • Francisco Madero

    Francisco Madero
    Francisco Madero, a liber reformer, was elected president. Within two years later he will be assassinated by one of his generals, Victoriano Huerta
  • Carranza Claims to be rightful President

    Carranza Claims to be rightful President
    Carranza wrote the Plan of Guadalupe, which states that he is the proper successor to Madero.
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    Carranza(president of mexico) approved a new constitution for mexico. This constitution covers three major issues. Land, religion, and labor.
  • Period: to

    Affects of the constitution

    The new constitution strengthened government economy, permitted the breakup of large estates, placed restrictions on foreigners owning land, and allowed nationalization(government takeover of natural resources)
  • Carranza's laws

    Carranza's laws
    Carranza's benefited women a lot as well. He passed laws that allowed women that had the same job as men must get the same pay. He also allowed married women to draw up contracts, take part in legal suits, and have equal authority with men in spending family funds
  • PRI

    After overthrowing Carraanza in 1920, the new organized government was the Institutional Revolutionary Party(PRI). The PRI used the goals of the people from business and military leaders to peasants and workers. By using these goals they were able to keep everyone happy and maintain stability in Mexico.
  • Period: to

    PRI Domination

    The PRI dominated Mexican politics until the free election of 2000