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  • #tomalacalle (Ocuppy the streets)

    #tomalacalle (Ocuppy the streets)
    thousands of people attend to a multitudinous demonstration convoked by the platform Democracia Real Ya (Real Democracy Now) and social networks, specially Twitter. They call themselves Indignants and collapse Madrid´s streets from Cibeles to Sol.
  • #acampadasol (Sol camp)

    #acampadasol (Sol camp)
    The Indignants decide to camp in Sol until the municipal and autonomic elections (May 22nd ) and organize themselves in assemblies. That was the birth of #acampadasol
  • #nonosvamos (We won´t leave)

    The Central Electoral Junta declares illegal all “concentrations and meetings” convoked for May 21st – the reflexion day before the elections.
  • #acampadabcn (Barcelona camp)

    #acampadabcn (Barcelona camp)
    Mossos d´escuadra (Catalonian police force) clear with violence 15-M supporters that were camped in Catalunya squares. #acampadasol organizes concentrations to encourage their colleagues from Barcelona.
  • #tomalosbarrios (Get down to the neighborhoods)

    15-M movement goes beyond concentrations in big squares and tries to expand tothe neighborhoods. Its slogan was "Toma los barrios”
  • #EduardoPunset

    Eduardo Punset gives a memorable speech to The Indignants in Oviedo in the Escandalera Square
  • #15mfrentealcongreso (15-M in front of the Congress)

    The Indignants protest against the labour reform in front of the Congress of Deputies. A violent repression happens in Valencia and the next day they show their support to them.
  • #wearexpanding

    The Indignants end up with their camp in Sol. They claim “we are not leaving, but expanding our movement”
  • #19J

    The Indignants convoke protests against the Euro Pact in more than 60 Spanish cities.
  • #wallstreet

    September 30th: Michael Moore encourages 15-M supporters that have camped in Wall Street: “They have cheated you”
  • #GlobalRevolution

    Worldwide Indignants are called to occupy the streets from “America to Asia, from Africa to Europe “. They do no intent to organize another demonstration but a real social movement (#15O). This night they occupy the Madrid Hotel in Carretas street and prohibit the entrance of any kind of media. Several violent episodes happen in Rome due to this movement.
  • #hotelmadrid (Madrid Hotel)

    Madrid Hotel´s occupants are moved away.