• New rego introduced FIRSmassive increase

    Go to 42.5 tonnes
  • Yass Truck Blockade

    Protest against new rego rules introduced
  • Grafton Bus Crash

  • First Meeting

    Ansett Hangar
    Mascot Airport
  • Safety Summit Sydney

  • Road Limiter Proposal

  • Special Premiers Conf

    Initiated review of land transport sector
  • Discussions with Govt

    Talks with Trade Practices Commission, AUSTROADS and Australian Road Freight Advisory Comm
  • Industry Task Groups established

  • National Road Transport Accreditation Conference

    To obtain industry wide views
  • Drafting Industry Entrant advice

  • Launch of Road Transport Initiatives

  • Meeting of Forum to start draft constitution

  • National Awareness Campaign Launched

  • Launch of Transport Initiatives

    "Turning the corner"
    Research Trust Fund
    Public Awareness Campaign
    Road Forum on the road tour
    Inaugural Convention
    Restructure of RTIF
  • Invitation to become members of the new RTF

  • 1st meeting of the General Council

  • Inaugural Convention

  • Road Transport Awareness Week

  • Present