Middle east

Revolutions in the Middle East/North Africa

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    Tunisia starts off the train of uprisings in the Middle East when Mohamed Bouaziz, a citizen of Tunisia, set fire to himself. This was in protest against the confiscation of the fruits and vegetables he was selling from the police. It then resulted in hundreds of Tunisians rebelling and consquently, with the revolution. The uprising ended in March when the country dissolved its former president's party.
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    Algerians riot against unemployment and food prices. The protestors set up barricades and threw stones at the police who reacted by using teargas and batons. On March 9th, the government boosted the wages of many jobs to prevent further unrest.
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    The first organized protests turn Cairo into a "war-zone". The news spreads via networking site like Facebook and Twitter. Soon after, the government shuts down all mobile and Internet networks. Hosni Mubarak pledges to step down and on March 21st, the country votes for a change.
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    Yemen: Explained
    On January 23rd, 19 activists are arrested and prostests arise. Thousands of people line the streets, protesting for an end to Ali Abdullah Saleh's reign. On March 25, people come together to demand the president's resignation.
  • Lebanon

    Lebanon: In Pictures
    "A Day of Rage"- In Lebanon, thousands of Sunnis protest against the idea of a new Hezbollah government after the ousting of the prime minister.
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    Palestine: Explained
    Thousands gather in the city of Gaza to protest after some documents are leaked. On March 15, the people come together in Gaza and the West Bank to demand an end to political division and Israeli occupation.
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    Jordan: Explained
    People gather in the capital of Amman demanding political change. On March 25, 100 were wounded and 1 killed during a weekly, pro-reform vigil in Amman.
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    Bahrain: Explained
    Protests begin in Bahrain as a result of the uprising in Egypt. On the 15th, the main opposition party withdrew from parliament and troops fired at mourners at the funeral of a man who was shot the day before. The focal point of the protests was destroyed after government's orders as the leaders try to crush the reformist movement.
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    Libya: Explained
    Protests erupt in Libya and spread like wild fire. Soon after, Gaddafi supporters are being ordered to kill the protesters. The airports are bombed and the Internet and phones are all blocked. Other countries are trying to figure out ways to help.
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    Morocco: Explained
    A peaceful protest occurs in four cities where thousands of people demand a new government and an end to corruption. King Mohammed failed to the reform pledges and people march along the streets on the 20th.