Natural Disasters in 2011

By helenv
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    Natural Disasters in 2011

  • Queensland Floods

    Flood waters wash through towns of Rockhampton and Ipswich cause mass devastation. 17 people killed
  • Cyclone Yasi, Queensland

    Category Five Tropical Cyclone Yasi hits far north Queensland. No fatalities
  • Victorian Floods

    Flooding across western Victoria affected 97 towns and about 3,300 properties.
  • Western Australia Bushfires

    Bushfires at Redhill and Roleystone destroyed 71 homes and damaged a further 39 properties
  • New Zealand Earthquake

    Magnitude 6.3 earthquake rocks Christchurch causing mass destruction. Death toll stands at 182
  • Japan Earthquake

    Magnitude 9.0 earthquake causes a tsuami that wipes out costal towns in Japan. Final death toll is still unknown. Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is severely damaged and radioactive levels are high.