Best westward expansion map

The Westward Expansion

  • The Louisiana Purchase.

    When Thomas Jefferson Bought Louisiana from Napoleaon. He brought about 500,000,000 Acres of land for about $15,000,000.
  • Period: to

    The Westwar Expansion Time line

    The making of the United States.
  • Florida Purchase

    Florida was finally settled at $5,000,000 in 1821 equaling about 59,268 square miles.
  • The Texas Purchase

    It added 376,133 square miles to the United States territory.
  • The Purchase of Mexico and California.

    Consisting of 545,783 square miles. $15,000,000 added to the land of the U.S. with Mexico costing about $3,250,000.
  • The purchase of Hawaii

    No amount of land or money was given.
  • Alaska

    557,390 square miles cost the U.S $7,200,000.