Nebraska timeline

  • Native Americans

    Native Americans
    The Native Americans first acquire horses from the Spaniards.
  • Indians

    Nebraska is home to Pawnees , Omahas , Poncas , Otos , Siox , and lots of people.
  • French man

    De Bourgmont was the first person to reach Nebraska.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    In the Louisiana purchase Nebraska comes under The United State's control.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark
    Lewis and Clark explore Eastern Nebraska and meet with the Native Americans.
  • Oregeon Trail

    Oregeon Trail
    The Pioneers began to take the Oregeon trail.
  • The Congress

    The congress passes the Kansas-Nebraska act, establishing Nebraska territory.
  • The Railroad Construction

    Construction of the transcontinental railroad across Nebraska begins.
  • Nebraska

    Nebraska becomes the 37th state!
  • Grasshoppers

    Swarms of grasshoppers destroy Nebraska's crops.
  • Nebraskan Cities

    More people live in Nebraskan cities than on farms.