Diminishing Progress

By makenah
  • Act X - Provided with Arms

    All men, except for Negroes, were provided with arms. This was a law saying that if any colored man owned guns they would be fined. This is diminishing progress because its saying everyone except blacks were aloud to have a weapon in order to protect themselves.
  • Act 1- Casual Killing of Slaves

    The government decided that punishing slaves physically was the only way to get a point across, so they made it legal to casually kill slaves. This allows masters to punish their slaves for any reason they see fit. This is diminishing progress because it gave a man the ability and power to, without consequence, kill another man.
  • Act IV - No Christian Servents

    It was a law saying that no blacks or native americans could own christian slaves. At this time there weren't many people, so the labor was needed in order to survive. This is diminishing progress because they needed these servents in order to surivive, so a law was passed so that they wouldnt be able to reach these needs.
  • Chapter IV - Not Hold Office

    This was a law forbidding anyone of color to hold office. They passed this law so that those that were or had been slaves wouldn't be able to become very powerful in the government. This is diminishing progress because just because of their race they weren't aloud to hold office, but they were expected to follow all the laws the same as anyone else.
  • Act VI - Real Estate

    Negro, Mulatto, and Indian slaves were considered to be real property. This meaning that these people were owned as property. They were to be inhereited, and passed along. This is and example of diminishing progress because human being were being considered property, and just something you own.