Toronto District School Board TV Report Dates

  • Pilot Started for the Digital Sign Program

    TVs were put into four schools from January 2010 to June 2010. The four schools are: Central Technical School, Harbord
    CI, Heydon Park SS and Central Commerce CI. The TVs still reamin in these four schools.
  • Period: to


  • Report outlining proposal

  • An additional (70) secondary schools will receive TVs

    A minimum participation rate of 50 schools is required. This will begin in March 2011. Note: Participation will be optional.
  • Administration, Finance and Accountability Committee meeting

    This meeting was to discuss additional information regarding the Onestop Media Digital program.
  • Briefing note on the outline of the proposal

    Outline of proposal was submitted again to the board of trustees. It was from Barbara Brown who is the Chief Enrolment Officer.
  • Regular board meeting on proposal

    The Committee requested that (a) 5(b) on page 47 of the report be clarified to read that there be no commercial advertising, and (b) that staff report to the Board at the March 9, 2011 regular Board meeting with advice in light of suggestionsraised by Student Trustee Schwartz regarding optional participation in the program.
  • Potential for more TVs to be added in 20 secondary schools

    Key feature of the proposal: The agreement shall be for a seven-year term with one three-year extension provided each party is satisfied with the program.