• 1940- The Curtain years

    1940- The Curtain years
    In an effort to increase civil and military research, the Curtain government dramatically increases the number of scholarships it offers for men and women to enter university.
  • The Menzies years

    The Menzies years
    The Menzies Government encourages and funds the establishment of new universities to cater for increasing demand.
  • The Whitlam era

    The Whitlam era
    Gogh Whitlam abolishes all tertiary fees. University education is free.
  • The Hawke years

    The Hawke years
    A one off fee of $1800 is introduced, payable over the duration of your course, or taken from future earnings.
  • Australia under Howard

    Australia under Howard
    A three-tiered HECS system is introduced by the Howard government, where degree fees are charged by their perceived ‘earning power’ i.e. medicine and law priced highest. Students undertake a government ‘loan’, which is paid off throughout their working career, from 4-8% of their salary, depending on wage.