Kosovo genocide timeline

By Jimmy83
  • Beginning of Kosovo War

    The Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic abolishes the province's autonomous status.
  • Kosovo assembly is dissolved

    Serbia dissolves the Kosovo assembly.
  • People lose jobs

    Tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo lose their jobs.
  • Battles start to break out

    The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (S.F.R.Y.) breaks up. Wars break out in the former republics of Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • K.L.A. appears

    the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) now appears on the scene in a visible way, claiming responsibility for a number of bombings and attacks against Serbian police and state officials.
  • K.L.A. confesses

    The KLA claims responsibility for a further series of violent incidents, including bombings, attacks on police stations, and raids on refugee camps. Serb police crush Albanian student demonstrations in October.
  • Genocide starts

    Many attacks are recorded through the year,many riots and battles between Serbian police and the KLA
  • Genocide gets serious

    Many other attacks and battles break out between KLA and Serbian police all year
  • End of genocide

    Genocide comes to a stop with a death toll of 4,239 casualties