Melba Patillo:Warriors Don't Cry

  • born, had an infection hearly died

  • Period: to


  • Brown Vs. Board Of education.

    The Supreme Court ruled that segregation was illegal.
  • LR school Board adapts Limited integhration

  • schools integrate immediately

  • Struck

    someone hit Meliba with a tennis racket from the back.
  • Faubus Goes to Court

    the governor of Arkansa files a case in court to appeal for the suspension of integration in Arkansas schools. Little Rock Nine does not get to go to Central HS yet.
  • Faubus is defeated

    Little Rock Central High School is directed by the court to proceed with integration. The police are dirceted to keep peace. Faubus is afraid that people may get hurt.
  • 101st Airborne troop arrive in Little Rock

    1200 soldiers/ paratroopers from the National Army came to Litle Rock to make sure that integration proceeds. Melba's parents are visited by the president's messengers to encourage them to send Melba to school.
  • First Day inside Central High School

    Milba and the rest of the LR9 met up at an assembly point and they were escorted to the buildiing by the soldiers. When they got inside, they were assigned a bodyguard each. They went to all their classes.
  • Dynamite!

    Someone threw a lit stick of dynamite into the stairwell where Melba and Danny were. Melba also attended a pep rally on this day and someone tried to choke her.
  • National Guard back in Central

    101st Airborne was not in Little Rock Central, National Guardsmen were there. Melba was attacked with flaming wads of paper to prenent her from entering the girl's bathroom.
  • Acid in the face

    A boy ran up to Melba with a small bottle and spray liquid over her face. It turned out to be acid. Danny ran over to her and put her face over rurned out to b e acid. danny ran over to her and put her face over running water to wash it away. He saved her from blindness.
  • 1/2 of 101st Airbprme home

    Half of the soldiers pf tje 101st Airborne left Little Rock.
  • Alll of the soldiers go home

    After Thanksgiving, all of the soldiers leave and the LR9 lose their bodyguards. national Guard keeps the peace.
  • Minnijean gets suspended

    A group of students were taunting Minniejean in the cafeteria while she was holding her tray of food. She lost her balance and spilled chile all over two students. She was taken by a school official to the officew and suspended. Slogans of " one nigger down, eight to go." floated around.
  • Minijean gets ultimatum

    Thee superintendent warns minnijean that she should not react to anyone who taunts her
  • Expelled

    Minnijean gets expelled from Central.
  • Attack

    Andy, one of her taunters, plan to attack Melba and hurt her.