Melba Patillo: Warriors Don't Cry.

By Shahana
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  • Brown Vs Education

    The Supreme Court Ruled that segregation was illegal.
  • News Paper

    Little Rock school board adopted a plan to limit integration to Central High School.
  • School Intregation

    Fedarl Distric Court said to make the school intregation. Governer Faubus supported too.
  • Expelled

    Minnijean gets expelled from Central
  • Soviet

    Soviet forces invade Budapest to put down anti communist rebellion
  • Struck

    SOmeone hit Melba with a tennis racket from the back.
  • Chances Are

    Johnny Mathis had his first big song name Chancer Are.
  • Melba went

    Melba went on a trip to Cincinnati Ohio with her brother, mother and grandmother.
  • Melba's parents

    Melba's parents were informed that she was accepted to Little Rock Central High School
  • Melba's First Day at LRCHS

    Melba and her mother drove to the school only to find thousands of white protesters and soldiers at the school who refused to let them in.
  • Dynamite

    Someone threw a lit stick of dynamite into the stairwell where Melba and Danny were. Melba also attended a pep rally on this day and someone tried to choke her
  • National Guard back in Center

    Melba was attacked with flaming wads of paper to prevent her from entering the girl's bathroom.
  • Airborne go home

    Half of the soldiers of the 101st Airborne left Little Rock.
  • SuspendedA

    A group of students were taunting minniejean in the cafeteria while she was holding her tray of food. She lost her apiled chili all over two students. Shw was taken by a school official to the office and suspended. SLogans of "one nigger down, eight to go" floated around.
  • Minnijean gets Ultimatum

    The superintendent warns Minnijean that she should not react to anyone who taunts her.
  • Attack

    Andy, one of her taunters, plan to attack Melba and hurt her. Link, a white kid, helps her get away by letting her use his car.
  • Revolt

    Soviet troops crush Czechoslovakian revolt.
  • Apollo

    Apollo 11 lands on the Moon