Melba Patillo:Warriors Don't Cry.

  • Melba's born

    Melba's born
    Melba Patillo born on Pearl Harbor Day. This day the united state announcement that the Japanese had bombed the Pear Harbor.
  • Period: to


    May 17, 1954-Brown vs. Board of Education. This was the date the supreme court ruled that segregation was illegal. Separate public schools for whites and black people . This event help melva to integrate High School but it also was hard for her because she had to face many problems with white people.
  • The Supreme Court of Topeka

    Melba was a seventh grader, the supreme court of Topeka Kansas ruled that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.
  • limit integration to Central High

    Litlle Rock School board had adopted a plan to limit integration to Central High. They weren't allow black people to integrate Central High.
  • Melba realized that integration wasn't going to be easier.

    Melba realized that integration wasn't going to be easier.
    black people were streaching out to knock down the fences of segregation. She read the newspaper that a black woman refused to give the seat to a white woman. Melba new that integration was going to be a long fight for black people.
  • Schools have to integrate immediately

    Schools have to integrate immediately
    the NAACP filed suit in federal District Court to make the schools integrate immediately.85% of the Arkansas people opposed integration.
  • FALL TERM OF 1957

    The nine students including melba were going to entered Central high(an all white school)
  • Keep Schools Segregated

    Keep Schools Segregated
    President Faubus calls the national guard to keep school segregated. He wanted black and white people to be segregated in different school, he didn't wanted to have integration.
  • "First day of integration"

    "First day of integration"
    Melba prepared to her first day of class, she couldn't believed it was actually happening.When she got to central there was a mob of people screaming ugly words "niggers" and white people didn't allow the nine students to get in.
  • U.S Court Summons Served On Governor

    The president had agreed to give the governor a ten-day respite to sort out his response to the court order.
  • Melba's bodyguard

    Melba's bodyguard
    Melba knew that the president didn't send those soldiers to protect her but to show support of an idea "integration"
  • Governor Faubus is accused

    FBU Director J.Edgar Hoover accused Governor Faubus of Arkansas of disseminatiing falsehoods by saying FBI agents held teenagers incommunicado for hours of questioning.
  • Melba and Danny

    Melba and Danny were in the stair well and someone threw a stick of dynamite. She was also attacked and was chocked.
  • Acidin the face

    A boy ran up to Melbawith a small bottle and spray liquid over her face. It turned out to be acid. Danny ran over to her and put her face over running water to wash it away. He saved from blindness.
  • 1/2 of101st Airborne go home

    Half of the soldiers of the 101st Airborne left little Rock
  • Minnijean gets suspended

    A group of students were taunting Minnijean in the cafeteria while she as holding her tray of food. She lost her balanced and spilled chili all over two students. She was taken by a school official to the office and suspended. Slogan of "One nigger down,eight to go". floated around.
  • Attack

    Andy , one of her taunters. plant to attack Melbaand hurt her. Link, a white kid, helps her get away by letting her use his car
  • Negro students talks

    "they bother you all the time" ousted negro student contends.minnijean explained the pressured she has been under at school.

    Minnijean was expelled after a forty minute hearing.The official announcement of her expulsion was a devastating defeat for black people.
  • The Parents

    The parents of elizabeth eckford, thellma mothershed, melba patillo and Jefferson Thomas. The campus of Hall High School shortly after registration began a few minutes later, reporter, were ejected from the Central High Campus
  • Patillo Married Mathew Beals

    They had one daugther but divorced after ten years of marriage.