AISD Socil Studies Project: Bangladeshi Independence War

  • First Election

    First Election
    For the first time in Pakistan, elections were held. As results Awami leage (a political group in Bangladesh) got majority of the seats, but the Pakistanis wouldn't agree hand power to Awami leage. This was the start of the main discontent in Bangladeshi People
  • The formation of the "Mukti Bahini"

    The formation of the "Mukti Bahini"
    The Mukti Bahini is the freedom fighters of Bangladesh. Right after the Proclamation of independence, a group normal civilians, like students formed a Militia called the Mukti Bahini As time went on the actual law enforcers that were Bangladeshi, joined in to this armed organization
  • Operation Searchlight

    Operation Searchlight
    Operation Searchlight was a operation executed by the Pakistani army on the night of 25 March, 1971. It was a violence act mainly against Hindus. This was done mainly to enrage the Bangladeshis. The number of death in all of Bangladesh Range from 200,000- 3,000,000 in all of Bangladesh.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    This was the day that Bangladesh was declared independent from Pakistan. This was declared by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. When this was publisized in the Radio, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested.
  • Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Speech

    Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Speech
    On this day our nations "to be prime minister", Mujibur Rahman gave a very important speech. This speech was the main event that persuaded, motivated the whole nation to fight for its independence. India played a major role in the training process of the civilians of this organization to guerrillas.
  • Temporary Government Formed

    Temporary Government Formed
    In Meherpur district in western bangladesh, a group of leaders formed a temporary government. In this government, Sayed Nazrul Islam became the acting president, since actual president was in jail in Pakistan. And Tajuddin Ahmed was Prime Minister.
  • Mukti Bahini and Bangladeshi Forces

    Mukti Bahini and Bangladeshi Forces
    M A G Osmani, was a key person in wining this war. He was commander in chief of the Mukti Bahini. The Mukti Bahini was devided up into 11 sectors, which was lead by a Pakistani Officer who wished to join the Mukti Bahini. This helped the Mukti Bahini get training, and learn how to execute guerrilla missions.
  • Victory Day

    Victory Day
    This was the day Bangladesh won its 9 months war with Pakistan. The Pakistani general A.A. K. Niazi sighned the instrument of surrender. More than 90,000 troops surrendered to the indian forces. This was the largest surrender since World War II.