Wall Street

  • Period: to

    Wall Street in the 1920s

  • Wall Street bombing

    A bomb exploded and killed 38 people and seriously injured 143 people.
  • Dow Jones

    With the economy still in the doldrums after the First World War, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is only at 63.90 points.
  • Dow Jones Up

    The Dow tops 100, closing the day at 100.75. The boom is on.
  • Dow Jones new high

    Wall Street gets an early Christmas present: The Dow tops 200 for the first time, closing the day at 200.93.
  • Record High

    The Dow hits 300 for the first time, closing the day at exactly 300.00.
  • Pre Crash

    On the day after Labor Day, the Dow hits its pre-crash high, closing at 381.17. It wouldn't reach that mark again for 25 years!
  • Crash Begins

    5 banks pony up about $20 million each to buy stock and restore confidence in the market
  • Stock Market down

    Dow drops almost 40 points (nearly 13 percent) to close 260.64
  • Even lower

    The Dow drops another 30 points (nearly 12 percent) to close at 230.07 on trading of 16 million shares
  • The Crash

    Everything goes bankrupt.
  • The Greath Depression Begins